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Faculty adjust access at DeVries next year due to increased theft

Staff and Faculty propose how to limit access to building

Sports Rundown

Paddling and Frisbee

Swim Team closes season

Fighting Owls Swim Team ends with a success at the Appalachian Swimming Conference

Wilson fans need to be more supportive and less vulgar

Professor responds to poor behavior seen at athletic events

Jason Michaels resigns

Outdoor Programs Director leaves abruptly

Archery club

If the absence of bow-bearing Warren Wilson kids shooting arrows around campus has been bringing you down lately, turn that frown upside-down! Juniors Sam Wasko and Eric von Aschewege have decided to cure those archery blues by reviving the long-gone Archery Club.

Mountain Bike Team shreds mad gnar all the way to the podium

After three days of cutting necks and cashing checks, the Mountain Bike team emerged victorious from the 2010 USA Cycling Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championship with the third place title in the Division II tournament.

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