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New governance model to restructure previous system

PAC members expected to hold more responsibility overseeing certain committees

Warren Wilson Alumni Jesse Fripp Skypes for Geography Class

Microlending has been heralded as an excellent means of assisting the poor who lack access to credit, capital and financial services.

Open Letter to Dean of Students

Approved by the Student Caucus As students and a body representing the student voice of the college, we rise with concern and disappointment regarding the recent decisions made in the Student Life Office. We are less concerned about the decisions themselves and more that students have not been adequately involved in the decision-making process. This [...]

Student Caucus Appeals for Inclusion in Student Life

Caucus has expressed a willingness to work with Student Life so that challenges are addressed appropriately.

Caucus rewards grants

Caucus distributes funds to 9 projects and proposals

Pfeiffer announces retirement, discusses endowment and college’s reputation

Pfeiffer decides to retire after six years at Warren Wilson

Peace and Justice students recognized for scholarly achievements

Two seniors participate in UNESCO training program.

Pfeiffer announces retirement for 2012

Letter from college President announcing 2012 retirement date

Showing up to make a change

Community discussion of the governance structure held in the chapel

Joel Adams returns as board of trustees chair

New chair of the board

Staff Forum gets heated as equity stipend debated is reignited

Christian Diaz, Staff Writer Staff Forum has set forth a motion to request from the board of trustees information relating to a possible equity compensation for employees in domestic partnerships who pay taxes on medical benefits. The proposal is a response to unequal treatment of domestic partnerships on behalf of the law, which does not [...]

After assault incident and ‘Increased Enforcement Meetings,’ Caucus requires monthly report from Public Safety

Student Caucus recently passed a proposal which would “require public safety to release a monthly report of all incidents recorded by the Public Safety Officers.”

Student Caucus co-convener resigns early

Student Caucus Co-Convener and senior Alexander Howard announced his resignation from the position last week. Howard will leave his post at the end of the semester and Caucus voting members will soon elect a new co-convener to take his place.

Co-Convener resigns, group conflicted about role on campus

One of the three co-conveners of Student Caucus has issued his letter of resignation, effective at the end of this semester. Read the letter here, special to the website.

Proposed whistle-blower policy in staff forum

A whistleblower policy will be voted upon in Staff Forum next week. If approved, the policy will allow staff, faculty and students to report illegal activities with less fear of reprisal or retaliation.

Farm Manager Chase Hubbard elected to Conservation Board

Warren Wilson’s Farm Manager Chase Hubbard defeated incumbent Jeff Turner on Tuesdays’ election by 143 votes, earning a spot on Buncombe County’s Soil and Water Conservation Board.

Politix: 2010 midterm election results

Micah Wilkins, Staff Writer (mwilkins@wwc) The votes are in, the ballots have been counted, and the Republicans have made several victories throughout the country. But in Buncombe county, where 45 percent of the population came out to vote, many of the Democratic candidates were successful by the end of the night Tuesday. This midterm election [...]

Response to governance editorial

Warren Wilson College, special, because of where it is, because of our Triad-grounded education – with a further special, a governance system unique to the way we order our daily life.

Student caucus grants debated and approved

What did grant proposals look like this semester? From an aquaphonics project to a writing center conference, read more about what our students and crews plan to use grant money for.

Task force examines the process of shared governance

A task force assembled last spring will continue to evaluate the college’s model of shared governance. Members of the committee including faculty, staff and students are unsure of the Board of Trustee’s opinion.

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