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Dispatch from Brazil: in Santo Antonio de Jesus

Sari Bellmer, Correspondent April 24, 2011 I woke up at 5:30 this morning to go to the Wednesday morning feira (outdoor market) in Santo Antonio de Jesus, the town in which I have been staying for two weeks. I’m not sure why the market starts so early. When my friends and I arrived, though, I [...]

Deb Myers Reflects on her first year as Dean of Students at Warren Wilson College

As the school attempts to move forward and heal, Myers reflects on the previous year and looks forward to the next.

Sodexo proposes to build new coffeeshop, renovate dining facilities at Warren Wilson College

During contract negotiations with the college, Sodexo proposed the alteration of dining facilities in order to better meet student needs. Proposals include the renovation of Cowpie and Gladfelter as well as the addition of a coffeehouse in lower Sunderland.

Dispatch from Brazil: In Alecrim

Our correspondent moves through the country reflecting on the public healthcare system.

Dispatch from Brazil

Sari Bellmer, Correspondent I’ve been in Brazil for just three weeks now and it feels as though I’ve been here for ages, though I’m constantly reminded that I only just arrived. I am here in the city of Salvador, on the coast of Northeast Brazil. Here, verão (the summer) is coming to a close and [...]

Brooklyn’s Indie Darlings The Vivian Girls Coming To Sage Café

Primary songwriter, Cassie Ramon, sits down with The Echo

Re-examining the service program

The service learning office considers how to rework and strengthen the program

Student Caucus Appeals for Inclusion in Student Life

Caucus has expressed a willingness to work with Student Life so that challenges are addressed appropriately.

Proposed Bill HB11 Seeks to Ban Undocumented Students from State Colleges

Echo Staff Writer, Christian Diaz, interviews an undocumented student who’s college career may be terminated if bill passes.

Spiritual Activist Claudia Horwitz comes to campus as 2011 Activist-in-Residence

Micah Wilkins, Staff Writer The Warren Wilson Activist-in-Residence Program began in 2010, an idea envisioned by Director of Spiritual Life Leah McCullough. “The hope was to bring an activist to campus for an extended period of time [...] so that students could interact more deeply – to engage and learn from the person in formal [...]

College partners with Asheville Transit to expand bus service

To Black Mountain!

Tests identify E. Coli hot spots in river, efforts begin to “upgrade” river from grade C to B

Checking the quality of the Swannanoa

Students react to strategic efforts to curb substance use on campus

The school, according to several students, fails to take into account a greater problem linked to substance use, particularly the smoking of tobacco. Students feel that there are too few opportunities and settings for students to gather and socialize. This problem has only been exacerbated by school policy, which makes it more difficult for parties to be organized. The introduction of party contracts and limits on the number of occupants allowed in rooms aggravate the problem of socializing further.

Computing Services: inside your campus internetz, fixin’ your frustrationz

Chris Biddle, Staff Writer (cbiddle@wwc) It’s regrettably late on a Thursday night, and you’re working on that term paper that’s worth half of your grade.  You use what information you can get in the library, but the key sources to pull your paper together can only be found on the Internet.  The only problem is [...]

Wabash survey stirs academic pot

The Wabash survey results have sparked an intense dialogue among students and faculty at the college. “Let’s lay it out on the table and talk about it,” Jeff Holmes said.

The king of toys: anonymous student adorns campus with “installations” of miniature toy animals

Without revealing his identity, the “King of Toys” gives us a peek into his world of little plastic critters and night time installation adventures, and sparks a sense of curiosity and wonder in us all.

Changing party culture, one Friday at a time

Morgan Steele, Staff Writer This year’s party culture is changing, and while individuals and organizations responsible don’t want to deprive you of your sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll (or dubstep, as your preferences may fall), they do want you to use your brain before, during and after partaking in any of the three. A [...]

Mold compromises integrity of college’s historical building

College determines how to proceed after academic building is closed due to mold contamination

Buying Local: A green consideration

Beyond local food, much of the campus culture revolves around another agricultural enterprise: the purchase and consumption of marijuana.

Making mealtimes more enjoyable: Co-ops on Campus

Campus food co-operatives provide interesting alternatives for students dissatisfied with Gladfelter and Cowpie dining options.

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