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Damages from flooding continue throughout semester

Student responsible for tampering with sprinkler head

Faculty adjust access at DeVries next year due to increased theft

Staff and Faculty propose how to limit access to building

Health Center Relocated, Retains Hope

Sarah Banks, Staff Writer On the morning of Monday April 4, staff arrived at the Health Center to find the building had flooded substantially. The effected areas sprawled from the small examination room, to the waiting room and the counseling center. Additionally, bathrooms below the building and the basement were damaged. The cause of the [...]

Flooding in Sunderland leads to relocation of students

Assessment of recent flooding in freshman dorm

Thefts abound on campus

Multiple thefts on campus consistent with trend in WNC

Burglary from vending machines in Dorland

Vending machine owner patient but will remove machine

Public Safety Reports for January 10th-16th

1-10-11 Time-Unknown Location- DeVries Locker room Incident-Theft Narrative-Four pairs of basketball shoes taken from locker room. 1-12-11 Time-4:45pm Location-Cow Pie Incident-Theft Narrative-Six bottles of wine taken from cooler. 1-13-11 Time-3:10pm Location-Eco Dorm Incident-Fire Alarm Narrative-Alarm set off by burnt food. Alarm reset by Swannanoa Fire Dept. 1-13-11 Time-3:18pm Location-ANTC Narrative-Alarm set off by dust from [...]

Public Safety Report Dec. 13-19

12-13-10 Time-11:16am Location-Soccer Practice Field Incident-vandalism Narrative-Student caught riding motorcycle on field. Referred to Student Life 12-15-10 Time-8:15am Location-Eco Dorm Incident-Fire Alarm Narrative-Alarm caused by burnt toast 12-15-10 Time-1:22pm Location-ANTC Dorm Incident-Fire Alarm Narrative-Alarm set off by faulty heat sensor. 12-15-10 Time-11:59pm Location-Village A Dorm Incident-Fire Alarm Narrative-Alarm set off by sprinkler malfunction.

Public Safety reports Dec. 6 – 12, 2010

Public Safety’s reports about incidents on campus that occurred December 6 through 12, from Director Terry Payne.

Walking back alone

Although our campus feels secure, it is important to remember that the “Wilson bubble” can be popped.
Sophomore Sydney Gregory was attacked on campus this October. Here, she shares her story.

Emergency response drill leaves students cold and confused

Had this been an actual event where there was a threat, human or environmental, to the campus community, it seems that few would be aware of it and most of the campus would be unaccounted for.

Know your rights!

A college student’s guide to their rights in a dormitory, as defined by federal, state and campus-based authorities.

Public Safety reports Nov. 29 – Dec. 5, 2010

Public Safety’s reports about incidents on campus that occurred from November 29 to December 5, from Director Terry Payne.

Frustration high at “increased enforcement” meeting

The method of procedure with which Student Caucus conducted Tuesday’s community meeting was an problem for students attending. The meeting was organized to address issues of increased enforcement on campus.

Mikel Oboyski’s magic school bus

Wondering about the bus parked by the soccer fields? Information about “The Golden Toad,” and proposed alternatives to dorm-living are discussed.

So your water looks clean

Last year the campus greening crew found that over 20 offices regularly purchased bottled water coolers. If we are going to buy jugs of water for departments or crews, shouldn’t we be buying them locally? What’s the truth behind bottled water and purity levels?

Mold compromises integrity of college’s historical building

College determines how to proceed after academic building is closed due to mold contamination

Making campus trails safer

Gabriel Sistare, editor-in-chief Warren Wilson continues to debate how safety on campus trails and forests can be improved. At a recent meeting, the Buildings and Grounds Committee discussed whether or not a permit system was a practical strategy. A permit system would allow the college to create a database of trail and forest users for [...]

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