Meet the Crew




 Grace Hatton is a British Kid who’s lived on two continents and travelled to four. Armed with cheap composition books and an ipod full of movie soundtracks Hatton is happiest scribbling down random thoughts, sketching quiet people and writing any story that pops into her head. Hatton is completing two majors at Warren Wilson, one in Creative Writing and the other in Studio Art. In the past few years Hatton has completed an internship with Dulwich OnView (an arts magazine in London), spent a week haggling in Marrakech, had creative work published in The Peal, studied alternative literature and travel photography in Prague, stood on the top deck of the Eiffel Tower and been promoted to Editor-in-Chief of The Echo. Hatton has been on the Echo crew for three years and enjoys the challenge of communicating the wonderful and perplexing oddities of WWC through the written word. She is proud to serve as the Editor-in-Chief. Contact Grace at ghatton@warren-wilson.edu



Wyatt Pace is an Outdoor Leadership Major at Warren Wilson College. He is also the Chief Photographer and Photo Editor for The Warren Wilson Echo. While working in the Echo office he usually has Dragon Ball Z playing on the crew computer. Currently he is working on his thesis on writing a program about a 2 week backpacking and photography workshop in Upstate New York. In his spare time he enjoys landscape, nature, and wilderness photography and is very fond of playing Grand Theft Auto 5 Online with his friends. Contact Wyatt at wpace@warren-wilson.edu 



 Kaitlyn Waters
couldn’t be happier at Warren Wilson. Waters took took a year off after high school to live in Indonesia as a Rotary Youth Exchange student and afterwards spent the summer teaching English in Panama. Waters brings her camera with her everywhere she goes, so working as a photographer for the Echo has been amazing. After Wilson Waters has no idea what she’ll do, but hopefully she’ll be somewhere speaking Spanish near the ocean. Contact Kaitlyn at kwaters@warren-wilson.edu



 Will Kissane
is a freshman from Athens, Georgia. He is planning to major in Visual Art  while at Warren Wilson College. Kissane has always enjoyed the arts and plays a variety of  instruments. He’s performed with several groups over the years in Athens and loves all  types of music. In his spare time he likes whistling, hiking, playing soccer and tennis,  singing and playing music, running, cycling, drawing, urban climbing and eating. One  day he hopes to ride his bike around the world. Kissane has always loved the ocean but his  heart lies with the mountains of the Blue Ridge. Kissane currently works as a staff writer and cartoonist for The Echo. Contact Will at wkissane@warren-wilson.edu





 Jordan Elizabeth Stratford
is a North Carolina native. She came to Warren Wilson to combine her skills with her passions. Stratford is interested in using art to communicate environmental and social justice issues. Startford joined The Echo because she wanted the experience of working in publication. Eventually she plans to self publish and she thinks the Echo is putting her closer to that goal. Stratford will graduate in Spring 2015 as an art major with a concentration in photography and media arts. Startford currently serves as a designer for the Echo. Contact Jordan at jstratford@warren-wilson.edu  



 Leo Proechel
was born in a log cabin in the Wisconsin wilderness. At age eight, he  moved to Harlemville, NY, where he befriended and learned the ways of the native  Waldorfs. He spent his subsequent childhood years in Harlemville, learning how to  survive in the great outdoors with only his underwear. He came to Warren Wilson to  try to figure out people by getting a degree in psychology and is currently working as a Staff Writer for The Echo. Contact Leo at lproechel@warren-wilson.edu



 Amber Rose Beidler
was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Roanoke, VA. She finds nature to be an outlet for many things. Amber is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology as she wants to work with special needs kids and adults. Amber was trained in classical ballet for 14 years which explains her love for classical music. She has always had a nitch for film-making and has a dream of one day making a documentary of the culture in Sub Saharan Africa. This is Amber’s first semester on the Echo with the role of the videographer. Contact Amber at abeidler@warren-wilson.edu



 Bailey O’Gara
is from northern Virginia and is a designer for the Echo Crew. She is a psychology major and is very interested in rehabilitation and working with victims of traumatic brain injury and people suffering from addictions. She hopes to one day become a yoga instructor and open her own studio at some point. She also loves seeing live music, painting, hiking, and any other outdoor activities. Contact Bailey at bogara@warren-wilson.edu




Kasey Jackson is a freshman at Warren Wilson, planning on majoring in Art with a concentration in Photography & Media Arts. He is from Cary, North Carolina. After graduation, he plans on moving to New York to pursue fashion photography. Kasey currently works as a photographer for The Echo. Contact Kasey at kjackson@warren-wilson.edu




  Janet Hurley,
Echo crew supervisor,is also an adjunct instructor in the Warren Wilson Undergraduate Writing program. A  memoirist, freelance writer whose work has appeared in many local and national magazines including Our State, VERVE, and Teachers & Writers Magazine, Hurley is the founder and director of True Ink, an Asheville-based small business providing creative opportunities for young writers, and the co-founder and administrator for Asheville Writers in the Schools & Community, a non-profit which places writers into long-term teaching artist residencies in local schools and community organizations. Hurley received her Master in Fine Arts-Creative Writing from Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass. She lives in Asheville with her husband, David, daughter, Maren, and son, Liam. 

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