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Word of the Student Trustee

A submission from Gideon Burdick, the student trustee.

Casting a Brown-Eye on a Sordid Matter

Is there a more environmentally friendly and sanitary method to cleaning yourself after taking a poop than toilet paper?

Candidates for NC House of Representatives to Debate on Campus

On April 14, Warren Wilson Students for Change will be hosting incumbent state representative Bruce Goforth and challenger Patsy Keever for a debate on campus in preparation for the upcoming primary.

Plasma donation: your body is producing it anyway

Matthew Byers, senior editor If you’ve ever been to a Greyhound station, you have an idea of what it’s like in the waiting room at the Plasma Biological Service (PBS) donation center. The hard plastic chairs, the vending machines, the amount of blood you’re liable to see – all identical (kidding about the blood). But [...]

What’s the fun in fundamentalism?

Alex Morris, senior editor It was April Fool’s day a year ago, I remember so vividly, when The Echo crew made a decision to publish a joke paper for the day.  Among other funny works, there was included in the satirical issue a play article on Sandy Pfeiffer’s house as a trailer, Cows on Campus [...]

Alum concerned over turn to “professionalism”

Billy Peard, guest writer It was six years ago this month that I first set foot on campus as a prospective student and discovered the magic that is Warren Wilson. The last signs of winter were receding and the final scraps of debris were being cleared away from the old Schaefer as I strolled around [...]

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