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Coming Out for the Out Monologues

By: Lukas Lariviere, Guest Contributor On October 11, 1987, during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, over half a million people participated in the Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. The second march drew historic numbers and outnumbered the first march of its namesake 5:1, which attributed to it becoming known [...]

Laci Green Speaks in the Chapel

By: Jackson Bicknell, Editor-In-Chief Last week, I walked into the chapel just as the “The Best Sex Ever” powerpoint presentation showed effervescent Laci Green demonstrating how to properly put on a condom–juxtaposed in front of the tremendous cross hanging in the Presbyterian Church. This brought up feelings and opinions I didn’t realize my atheist self [...]

The Case for Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

By: Quinn Israel, Staff Writer Recent changes in OSHA policies now require a certain number of sex-segregated, and/or single-person, lockable, gender-neutral toilets to be provided at a site of employment. However, the new policies don’t address the possibility of multiple-stall, gender neutral bathrooms. With many colleges across the country looking to implement more inclusive options [...]

The Good, The Bad, and The Uniquely Wilson

A Short Reflection on Four Years

Another Unique Individual Residing At WWC

A profile of Jessica Foster, Recycling and Solid Waste Supervisor

To the Warren Wilson College Administration

   One of the most lasting gifts of higher education is that exceptional teacher, that mentor who gives a little more of themselves and asks a little more of us than all of the others. For many of us in the Warren Wilson community, that mentor is Steve Norris. Steve’s work in the community spans [...]

Trinkets, Trash, and Treasures

An Echo Photographer Explores All the Nooks and Crannies of Wilson’s Free Store

Starting Wildfires

Examining the email that Spurred Posts, Emails and Confessions of Protest

You Can’t Step in the Same River Twice

Reflections on the Ever-Evolving Wilson from a Soon-to-be-Alumni

The Great Snafu of Issue Two

By Grace Hatton, Editor-in-Chief    Some of you may have noticed that the last issue was a little less polished than previous issues. That is because issue two of the spring semester was perhaps the most complicated and arduous production of the Echo that I have ever experienced in the past three years of being [...]

Everglades and Earth First! Recap

By Philip Stephen Papajcik, Guest Writer  Last week, a group of students and I travelled to south Florida with the Environmental Justice Crew to attend an organizer’s conference and training camp put on by Earth First!, a radical environmental justice organization. Our 1400 mile, 3 day whirlwind trip brought students to the subtropical hardwood forests and [...]

Introducing World News Club

By Gabriel Setright   The World News Club* (we don’t have an official name yet) is an open group of students that meet to share, discuss and explore news that happens from around the world.  The creation of this “group-club-society” originated from discussions and conversations that were naturally occurring after every environmental/social justice event.  Through these [...]

The Inner Workings of The Echo

After the release of our last issue, one of my friends asked me how many crew members were on The Echo, and before I could respond he suggested “like four right?” I was immediately appalled; surely he couldn’t be serious? Surely he didn’t think that all the writing, photography, editing and design was done by [...]

Delivering Clean Water to Prenter Holler

By Steve Norris  - Supervisor, Environmental Justice Crew   Recently a group from WWC took four vehicles loaded with 450 gallons of water to West Virginia. We also had fundraised $400 fundraised locally, and drove to Boone county, where RAMPS  (Radical Action for Mountain Peoples Survival) occupies a rundown old storefront. RAMPS has led some gritty [...]

Paradigms and Paradoxes

Warren Wilson Goes to Cuba over Winter Break

Why The Business Department is Essential

By Elias Hinderberger, Guest Writer     As a business student at a liberal arts college I am constantly asking  myself why I am in college at all. I know that the likely return on  investment in this degree will make it out to be a bad financial  choice. I know that WWC’s business program is [...]

Allure of the Smoking Hut Vol.2

Some History Behind the Smoking Culture on Campus

Herbs as Brain Booster

The adult human brain weighs about three pounds. It contains a billion neurons that use twenty percent of the oxygen and blood in the body. Research indicates that brain function may be enhanced with the regular consumption of specific nutrients and herbs. This article will describe the possible brain-boosting benefits of several herbs. The Herb Crew and Wellness Crew prepare numerous products that contain these herbs.

My Time in the Pantanal Region of Brazil

By Lucy Sandberg This summer, I spent a month in the Pantanal region of Brazil working as a volunteer for the Wildlife Conservation Society-Brasil (WCS Brasil). The Pantanal is the largest tropical wetlands in the world. It has a high biodiversity of aquatic plants and over 600 bird species. In addition, this region is home [...]

The Allure of the Smoking Hut

A Photo Essay About Smoking Culture on Campus

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