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Winter Madness

Polar Vortex to Blame for heavy Snowfall and Extreme Cold Weather throughout North America and for Plenty of Warren Wilson Woes

The Allure of the Smoking Hut

A Photo Essay About Smoking Culture on Campus

The Warren Wilson Fiscal Plight

Anonymous Employee Leaks E-Mail Regarding Tuition Increase, Retirement Contributions Reduction and Work Contracts  Four days before the onset of the Spring 2014 semester, an email transcript from President Steven Solnick regarding the 2014-15 budget cuts appeared anonymously on the Facebook page “Confessions of an Owl.” The letter, addressed to Warren Wilson faculty and staff on [...]

Letter from the Editor: Taking off the MFA Rose Tinted Glasses

By Grace Hatton  On January 3rd , I flew back to Asheville from  my home in Florida to attend a class I’d been  looking forward to since freshman year, the  Master in Fine Arts in Creative Writing  residency. I was blessed to be accepted into the  January residency along with eight other  undergraduate creative writing [...]

Something Missing

 A look behind the music department at Warren Wilson  College and the limited potential for student musicians,  due to previous lack of practice space. By William Kissane, Staff Writer & Cartoonist     Warren Wilson College has been home to a surprising variety of  talented musicians over the years, especially for a school with no  music [...]

Pet Its Head

Why WWC Placed a Giant Bronze Statue of an Owl Outside Devries Gym    By Leo Proechel, Staff Writer  If you’ve walked by Devries Gym recently, you have probably noticed a sculpture of a  bronze owl flying through a ring.  This sculpture has caused some students to admire  its beauty and detailed design.  For example, [...]

Addressing Racism and Lack of Diversity on a Predominantly White Campus

Under the spotlight that the recent hate crimes have cast, Warren Wilson continues its commitment to improving the significant lack of color diversity across campus

Time off With Intention: Stories from Outside the Bubble

by Talia Winningham, guest writer

The Art of Motorcycles

Warren Wilson students form an art collective centered around a mutual love of motorcycles

A Farewell to Micah

The Echo’s Editor-in-Chief Micah Wilkins discusses Wilson, the Work Program and gives advice to a new editor

We Aren’t Like Everybody, But Then Again… We Need a Facelift

Our work college is a “work in progress”

TEDx Comes to Warren Wilson

Twelve students present their speeches for TEDx

Students Attend Powershift

“The only limit is within yourself”

Women in Science at Warren Wilson

The Sweetest Addiction

As a member of the Wellness Crew I have taken on the task of writing a bi-weekly column in the Echo. The Wellness Cricket is a way to inform the Warren Wilson community about various issues pertaining to health and well-being

Campus Thefts Continue

Several crews continue to have their hard-earned funds stolen from their spaces

Writer In Residence on Campus: Karen Brennan

by Camille Panetta, staff writer

Response to “Service Hours: Few Have Got it Pegged”

Confused? Talk to us!

A Cruel Joke or An Institutional Failure?

The vandalism that was discovered on Monday is not an isolated incident

Administration Proposes to Cut Business Major

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