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Where Do You Get Your Fiber?

By: Cody Funderburk, Staff Writer It may come as no surprise that many of us aren’t eating enough fruits, vegetables, and other wholesome plant-based foods. However, the nutrient deficiencies that often accompany this dietary inadequacy are a lesser known topic. One of the first questions non-meat eaters hear from those unfamiliar with nutrition is “where [...]

What’s on Your Lunch Plate?

By: Cody Funderburk, Staff Writer You’ve probably heard the saying “you are what you eat” more times than you care to count. It’s important to remember though, that it is so widespread because there is a distinct truthfulness to it. Food is one of the key foundations to individual survival, and, therefore, largely impacts the way [...]

What Does Swannanoa Think of Warren Wilson?

An Echo Reporter Finds Out: It’s a Mixed Bag

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