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Proposed Media Production Crew draws favorable responses

“Preserving different elements of campus life is something I think should be happening more often, and with greater care,” said Dan Seeger, director of student activities.

What’s new at the bike shop?

That’s about to change, though. Xenia Pantos, one of only two crew members who held over from last year’s crew, was looking through some old Bike Shop records when she made a discovery: a system that streamlined the pickup and drop-off of bicycles.

Bountiful Labors (A Farm Report)

The farm correspondent retells the summer action.

Recycling crew recieves award

“a business, government agency, school, organization or large-scale facility that designed and implemented a composting or organics-recycling program that has been in operation for one year.”

Plumbing to install shower timers

As part of an ELC Campus Greening Seed Grant, 5 minute hourglass timers are set to become a fixture in all bathrooms to help students become more conscious of their water use.

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