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RISE Director Kelly Kelbel leaves at end of term

Kelbel leaves to pursue two month program at Penland School of Crafts

Changes to sustainability leadership

Ehrlich takes over as Environmental Sustainability PAC Representative

Pfeiffer announces retirement, discusses endowment and college’s reputation

Pfeiffer decides to retire after six years at Warren Wilson

Changes to RA/RD policy to be implemented next year

A new change to policy, to be implemented next year, will place new restrictions on the participation of resident assistants and residence directors in the Work Program

Pfeiffer announces retirement for 2012

Letter from college President announcing 2012 retirement date

Showing up to make a change

Community discussion of the governance structure held in the chapel

Joel Adams returns as board of trustees chair

New chair of the board

Staff Forum gets heated as equity stipend debated is reignited

Christian Diaz, Staff Writer Staff Forum has set forth a motion to request from the board of trustees information relating to a possible equity compensation for employees in domestic partnerships who pay taxes on medical benefits. The proposal is a response to unequal treatment of domestic partnerships on behalf of the law, which does not [...]

Margo Flood resigns from post as executive director of Environmental Leadership Center

President Pfeiffer, Open Letter (pfeiffer@wwc) To the Campus Community: I regret to inform you that Margo Flood has decided to resign from her roles as executive director of the Environmental Leadership Center (ELC) and chief sustainability official of the College, effective May 15, 2011. The ELC has contributed greatly to the success of the College, [...]

Campus sees multiple staff searches

The college community should have a chance to meet candidates for the dean of students position before the year is out.

College prepares to counter financial strain

Ricky Ochilo, staff writer The financial crisis in the U.S. has affected major industries, organizations and households alike. Given the decline in family incomes and an unemployment rate that is now 7.6 percent, there have been declines in institutional support and resulting measures have followed to cushion the negative shifts. Warren Wilson College has not [...]

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