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The Warren Wilson Fiscal Plight

Anonymous Employee Leaks E-Mail Regarding Tuition Increase, Retirement Contributions Reduction and Work Contracts  Four days before the onset of the Spring 2014 semester, an email transcript from President Steven Solnick regarding the 2014-15 budget cuts appeared anonymously on the Facebook page “Confessions of an Owl.” The letter, addressed to Warren Wilson faculty and staff on [...]

Pet Its Head

Why WWC Placed a Giant Bronze Statue of an Owl Outside Devries Gym    By Leo Proechel, Staff Writer  If you’ve walked by Devries Gym recently, you have probably noticed a sculpture of a  bronze owl flying through a ring.  This sculpture has caused some students to admire  its beauty and detailed design.  For example, [...]

Addressing Racism and Lack of Diversity on a Predominantly White Campus

Under the spotlight that the recent hate crimes have cast, Warren Wilson continues its commitment to improving the significant lack of color diversity across campus

The Art of Motorcycles

Warren Wilson students form an art collective centered around a mutual love of motorcycles

On Auto Pilot: Auto Shop Operates Without Supervisor

What’s the Business with Business?

Steve Solnick and Paula Garrett visit Student Caucus to explain the reasoning behind the termination of Warren Wilson’s business major

The Buzz About Beehive Collective

Non-profit artist cooperative gives presentation, displays their latest work, “Mesoamerica Resist,” at Warren Wilson

Don’t Have A Cow, Just Ask For More Beans

Cowpie Serving Size Blues

Co-op Living on Campus

Students are off the meal plan and on their own

Teaching Science and Technology with the Help of a Robot

After school program developed by Warren Wilson student Claire Doemland

Looking to the Future with Dawn Medley

by William Kissane, staff writer

Long Live the Party

What You Can Do to Ensure Contracted Parties Don’t Get Shut Down

Crushes, Confessions and Confusion

The Admins of Warren Wilson Crushes and Warren Wilson Confessions Pages answer the Echo’s questions

Governor Passes Voting Law Which Creates More Obstacles for Students, Minorities

by Micah Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief

Six Foreign Exchange Students Adjust to Life at Warren Wilson

Veronia, Jane, Yang Song, Philipp, John and Bua are from around the world, and all decided to study in the U.S., at Warren Wilson

Pedal to the Metal

Freshman Ryan Roemer rides his bike 3,100 miles to Warren Wilson College

The Classroom Moves to the Streets

To Stay or Not to Stay, That is the Question

Warren Wilson College retention rate slumps below national average at 68%

Get Buzzed or Broke Off of Coffee

Sage Café continues to lose money, but is preserved by Sodexo Funds

Upperclassmen and Veteran Staff and Faculty Members Give Advice to New Students, Faculty and Staff on How to Maneuver and Succeed at Warren Wilson College

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