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Laci Green Speaks in the Chapel

By: Jackson Bicknell, Editor-In-Chief Last week, I walked into the chapel just as the “The Best Sex Ever” powerpoint presentation showed effervescent Laci Green demonstrating how to properly put on a condom–juxtaposed in front of the tremendous cross hanging in the Presbyterian Church. This brought up feelings and opinions I didn’t realize my atheist self [...]

What Does Swannanoa Think of Warren Wilson?

An Echo Reporter Finds Out: It’s a Mixed Bag

Safety vs. the Law

What Happens to Policy-Violating Students in a Medical Emergency?

Changes to Come at Old Coggins

A development in the works at Old Coggins Farm could mean negative effects to the surrounding community, including Wilson.

Winter Madness

Polar Vortex to Blame for heavy Snowfall and Extreme Cold Weather throughout North America and for Plenty of Warren Wilson Woes

Campus Thefts Continue

Several crews continue to have their hard-earned funds stolen from their spaces

New NC Law Allows Concealed Weapons at Bars, Restaurants, School Campuses

Warren Wilson chooses to opt out, sticking with its current policy which prohibits weapons on campus

New Crew, New Rules

The Allies in Substance Abuse Crew Take Over the Party Contract Process

Police Presence Synchronized with the Start of the Semester

An off duty police officer was hired as an extra presence during the first two weekends of the semester

Don’t Stop Listening, Even if it’s Quiet: Sexual Violence on Campus

by Izzy Cohan, staff writer

Parsing Through the Rules of the School to Determine What is Fact and What is Fiction

by Claire Toal, staff writer

No Cause for Alarm

Gladfelter evacuated Saturday night due to the smell of gas

Summer Thefts Shock Campus

Vehicle, master key, car batteries and gas number among the items stolen from Warren Wilson this summer.

Man Banned from Campus for Harassment, Driving While Intoxicated; Student Reports Helped Bring Suspect into Custody

by Mariah Parker, Multimedia Editor

Gladfelter Burglarized, ATM Ruined

by Tim Burkhardt, staff writer

Submission from Public Safety

Public safety wants you to be safe

Event Contracts to be Revised to Ensure Student Safety During Parties

After several incidents of unsafe behavior, Residence Life staff is considering enhancing the role of event monitors at parties

Bottles, bunnies and the man behind the badge: What you don’t know about Warren Wilson Director of Public Safety Terry Payne

by Karlyn Hunt, staff writer

Warren Wilson College’s RISE Crew Instates 24 Hour Hotline for Victims of Sexual Assault

by Mariah Parker, Multimedia Editor

Group of students confront, intimidate staff member

by Mariah Parker, Echo online writer On April 15, Interim Director of Career Services Dorothy Herbert encountered a group of twelve students outside Dodge House as she left her office for the evening. “After 38 years of work in education, [Dorothy] felt fearful for the first time that day,” said Dean of Work Ian Robertson. [...]

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