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Film Review: “Love Is Strange”

By: Reeves Singleton, Staff Writer It’s rare for a single basic concept to produce one great work. It’s rarer still for that concept to produce two great works, but that’s exactly the situation that co-writer/director Ira Sachs’s “Love Is Strange” enables. Sachs’s film is essentially a reworking of Leo McCarey’s classic “Make Way for Tomorrow” [...]

National Boundaries, They are a Changin’

By: Cole Huther, Staff Writer Being situated deep in western North Carolina, it can be fairly easy to lose track of the world as you dish out triangle potatoes in Gladfelter or spend countless hours meditating in the woods. That is why I, Cole Huther, Bringer of Truth, have been recruited to the Warren Wilson [...]

Status Update: How Facebook lead to coming out of the closet

By: Quinn Israel, Staff Writer It was the summer of 2011 and my mother’s family and I went to Myrtle Beach for a week. There were fourteen of us total. I was almost fifteen, getting ready to attend high school, with hair that went past my shoulders and a hideous underbite. My cousin, whose name [...]

Theatre Review: “A Winter’s Tale”

By: Reeves Singleton, Staff Writer  With a deviously complex plot, an engagingly shocking bout of tonal juxtaposition, and a cast of characters by turns disarmingly intense and rapturously mirthful, there’s much entertainment to be had by spending a couple of hours with The Montford Park Players’ and Warren Wilson College’s co-production of Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s [...]

Coming Out for the Out Monologues

By: Lukas Lariviere, Guest Contributor On October 11, 1987, during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, over half a million people participated in the Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. The second march drew historic numbers and outnumbered the first march of its namesake 5:1, which attributed to it becoming known [...]

A Poem: “It’s Fall, Man”

By: Eve Rosetti, Staff Writer Slowly, I open my eyes. Something is different outside. It’s cold. I was so so cold this morning. I embrace every last second of the warmth and comfort of my bed. Class at 8:00 a.m. It’s 7:42 a.m. I convince myself I have five more minutes. Dangerously, my eyes sink [...]

Halting the Alternating Schedule

By: Lyn May, Staff Writer It can be disorienting waking up on a Friday and forgetting if it’s a Friday 1 or Friday 2. Our alternating schedule has created frustration among students, staff, and faculty for years. It creates difficulty for professors to schedule meetings with their students, for crew bosses to schedule shifts for [...]

Film Review: “A Walk Among the Tombstones”

By: Reeves Singleton, Staff Writer If any one actor is responsible for the current trend of so-called geriatric avenger movies, then Liam Neeson is probably the most culpable. Here’s an actor, an extremely talented actor at that, who’s made a new career out of starring in second-rate action flicks that seem to exist solely to [...]

From Marionnette to WordPress

By: Lyn May, Staff Writer Warren Wilson College’s website is seeing its first redesign since 2006. In the last 9 months of the redesign process, Web Director Morgan Davis has condensed about 5,000 pages from Marionnette to about 600 pages for WordPress, the new website platform. There have been several attempts at redesigning the website [...]

A Safe Sp[ACE] for Asexuals

By: Leo Proechel, Assistant Editor A new asexual discussion and support group is beginning at Warren Wilson College. The group, called Safe Sp[ACE] – ace being shorthand for asexual – is being lead by Genevieve Gualtiere, in association with the Center for Gender and Relationships.  Its purpose is to provide a space for people who [...]

Laci Green Speaks in the Chapel

By: Jackson Bicknell, Editor-In-Chief Last week, I walked into the chapel just as the “The Best Sex Ever” powerpoint presentation showed effervescent Laci Green demonstrating how to properly put on a condom–juxtaposed in front of the tremendous cross hanging in the Presbyterian Church. This brought up feelings and opinions I didn’t realize my atheist self [...]

Film Review: “Mood Indigo”

By: Reeves Singleton, Staff Writer There’s an almost invisible line between legitimate creativity and overbearing artifice, and whether something falls into the former category rather than the latter depends almost entirely on personal taste. Given a certain taste for whimsy, Michel Gondry’s latest French-language burst of the quirkily fantastic and unabashedly romantic, “Mood Indigo,” lands [...]

New Counselor on Campus

By: Eve Rosetti, Staff Writer First year Warren Wilson College counselor Heather Wingert was born in Dallas, TX and grew up north of Atlanta in Kennessaw, GA. After doing her undergraduate work at the University of Austin, Wingert furthered her education in psychology and social work at St. Louis University before settling in Asheville seven [...]

A Sea Change Towards Moral Truths

By: Jackson Bicknell, Editor-In-Chief Roberta Kaplan came to Warren Wilson College on September 17th as part of Warren Wilson’s initiative to bring more progressive influence and intellectual thought to campus. Kaplan is part of the Paul Weiss Firm, a law practice that has been present in New York City for over a century and involved [...]

Pets of Wilson

By: Lily Reitz, Staff Writer From coyotes to salamanders, the Swannanoa Valley has an incredibly diverse ecosystem here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This flourishing animal population is one of the many things that sets Warren Wilson apart from the typical university. However, there is another animal population that distinguishes Warren Wilson from the rest: [...]

A People’s Movement

By: Jamie DeMarco, Guest Contributor When Bill Mckibben wrote “The End of Nature” in 1989, global warming was comfortably housed under the umbrella of environmentalism, continuing John Muir’s legacy of preserving the natural world. However, as climate predictions have become reality, the fight against climate change has exploded from an environmental movement to a people’s [...]

Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was a Freshmen

By: Leo Proechel, Assistant Editor Dear new students, You have embarked upon a unique journey of academics and work, strife and joy, infinitely long lunch lines and professors who skin roadkill. Your journey will be unlike any other, and there is no way of knowing what obstacles may confront you during your stay in this [...]

Rally for Peace

By: Quinn Israel, Staff Writer On Saturday, August 9, Mike Brown was shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Brown was an 18 year old, unarmed black teen, and his name is still making headlines and 5:00 p.m. news reports a month later. Other names like Trayvon Martin, Karvas Gamble, and Ezell Ford lead to [...]

Warren Wilson Pool Closing

By: Alexandra Briggs, Staff Writer By now, many students have heard that the Warren Wilson pool is closing.  After Dececmber 20, there will be no more sports teams, kayaks, canoes, or casual swimmers in the pool. What DeVries Gymnasium will also be missing is the multitude of Asheville area residents that use the pool as [...]

Meet the Crew

Meet the new Echo Staff! Jackson Bicknell, Editor-In-Chief Jackson Bicknell is the Echo’s new Editor-in-Chief, bringing plenty of experience from  other Echo roles including writer, photographer and designer. Now a second-semester junior, Jackson dedicated this past spring semester to travel. He spent two months in Sweden, a month in Spain, where he was born, and [...]

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