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‘This is Not Furniture’: The First Senior Art Show

by Sam Rivkin, copyeditor

Facing Your Genes

The Beauty of Ambiguity

Eric Baden’s Latest Exhibition at Holden Art Gallery “InBetween” Blurs the Lines between Reality, Memory and Imagination in a Moving Display of Ambiguity

Drawing Your Cow and Eating it Too

Closet Artist: Virginia Hamilton

Resurrected from Retirement

Buddy Wakefield Visits Asheville

The Show Must Go On

Candace Taylor Takes Over as Director of the Tempest as Graham Paul is Hospitalized

Dance Community Continues to Expand

Senior Devon Kelley-Mott hopes to reach out to more belly dancers in the Warren Wilson Community

The Closet Artist

A new Echo series that explores different students on campus who creatively express themselves outside of the classroom

Shinnerrie Jackson and Ensemble Present a Moving Celebration of Music, Race and Civil Rights

Slam Poetry is Meant to be Raw

by Mariah Parker, guest writer

The Grass is Getting Bluer

The Dead Hemlocks air on Wayne Erbsen’s show Country Roots

Introducing the Porch on Wheels

by Bryce Dow-Williamson, guest writer

Hamlet Hair

A Venue for the Abstract

Asheville Circus Performers Now Have a Place They Call Home

The Toy Boat Community Art Space opened this year to host rehearsals, music, performances

Heading Down South to the Land of the Quina

The Red State Ramblers tour in Ecuador, spreading rural American roots through old time tunes

Hoop Jam Therapy

Founder of the campus Hoop Jam Chrissy Cochran expresses the benefits of hoola hooping

Sophomore Elias Hinderberger introduces Swing Dance Lessons on Campus

by Izzy Cohan, staff writer

Firestorm Takes A Break

After closing their doors for a month, the downtown cafe, bookstore and venue reopens with a revised structure to help sustain the business and the collective

Transported Through Theatrics

The Heiress debuts on the Wilson stage this weekend

Unexplained Disturbances

Investigating Potential Campus Hauntings

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