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Ask Nina

By: Nina Rajagopalan, Guest Contributor Got questions about sex and relationships? Nina, Planned Parenthood sex educator, is here to help. Nina is not qualified to give medical advice, but apart from that, ask anything. No question is too taboo. Email her at nina.rajagopalan@pphs.org with questions. Can I get pregnant if I have unprotected sex on [...]

Showing Up: White Identity in Anti-Racist Movement **Looking for Members**

By: Eliot Gold, edited by members of Showing Up, Guest Contributor The hate crimes that occurred last year at Warren Wilson College prompted discussion about systems of oppression on campus and a call for institutional response. Students, faculty, and staff called for changes in order to more adequately address social issues on campus, most significantly [...]

New Counselor on Campus

By: Eve Rosetti, Staff Writer First year Warren Wilson College counselor Heather Wingert was born in Dallas, TX and grew up north of Atlanta in Kennessaw, GA. After doing her undergraduate work at the University of Austin, Wingert furthered her education in psychology and social work at St. Louis University before settling in Asheville seven [...]

The Case for Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

By: Quinn Israel, Staff Writer Recent changes in OSHA policies now require a certain number of sex-segregated, and/or single-person, lockable, gender-neutral toilets to be provided at a site of employment. However, the new policies don’t address the possibility of multiple-stall, gender neutral bathrooms. With many colleges across the country looking to implement more inclusive options [...]

Confessions of an Owl Raises Red Flag

By: Lyn May, Staff Writer There’s no one-dose, cure-all method to “make it all better” when a person is depressed. As a small population of students, staff, and faculty, we should all be aware of those that we pass on the bridge, eat next to in the dining halls, or even sit across from in [...]

A Discussion on “Showing Up” With Lia Kaz

By: Jackson Bicknell, Editor-In-Chief Are you in charge of the group? How did the idea for this group come about? I am not in charge, Thank you for asking. Caroline Duble, a recent graduate and intern with Spirit in Action in Black Mountain, reached out to Becki Hornung, a social work professor on campus. They [...]

Nathan Poole Takes Over Beebe Fellowship Position

By: Lilly Reitz, Staff Writer Nathan Poole’s debut story collection, “Father Brother Keeper” was awarded the 2013 Mary McCarthy Prize and is forthcoming from Sarabande Books. His second book, “Pathkiller As the Holy Ghost” was selected by Benjamin Percy as the winner of the Quarterly West Novella contest and will be published next year. He [...]

What’s on Your Lunch Plate?

By: Cody Funderburk, Staff Writer You’ve probably heard the saying “you are what you eat” more times than you care to count. It’s important to remember though, that it is so widespread because there is a distinct truthfulness to it. Food is one of the key foundations to individual survival, and, therefore, largely impacts the way [...]

General Election Approaches

By: Lyn May, Staff Writer In 2012, voter district lines were redrawn so that Warren Wilson College’s campus was cut in half. This meant that all students, staff, and faculty of Warren Wilson College could no longer claim the 701 Warren Wilson Road post office address as their voting address, like many had for years. [...]

Stories of a Strigiforme: Vlad Ladchuk

By: Lily Reitz, Staff Writer After nine surgeries and a move across the globe, not everyone would have as positive an attitude as freshman Vlad Ladchuk. Ladchuk was born in the Ukraine with an underdeveloped right leg, and moved to Florida at age 10 to pursue better medical care. “I have such an easy outlook [...]

A Sea Change Towards Moral Truths

By: Jackson Bicknell, Editor-In-Chief Roberta Kaplan came to Warren Wilson College on September 17th as part of Warren Wilson’s initiative to bring more progressive influence and intellectual thought to campus. Kaplan is part of the Paul Weiss Firm, a law practice that has been present in New York City for over a century and involved [...]

Who Was Warren Wilson?

By: Leo Proechel, Assistant Editor “College grades do not mean everything; yet they are a good expression of good work and ability and for the time being they are the only evidence you can give of good work done.” -Warren H. Wilson, in a letter to his son Julius, July 2, 1915 One might expect [...]

Ask The Owl

By: Cody Funderburk, Staff Writer This Weeks Featured Question: “Where do the baked goods at Sage Cafe and the Owl’s Nest come from?” Warren Wilson has notoriously delicious sweets that line the shelves of our two popular cafes: Sage, and the Owl’s Nest. Though enjoyed by many, probably few are aware of the process behind [...]

Wilson Students’ Top 5 Favorite Spots Around Asheville

By: Kaitlyn Waters, Staff Writer and Photographer I asked 50 Warren Wilson students what their favorite places were around town and here are the results… Favorite Restaurant Near Wilson: 1.) La Bamba 2.) Louise’s 3.) The Native 4.) Mama’s & Beer 5.) Cookout Favorite Music Venues: 1.) Asheville Music Hall 2.) The Orange Peel 3.) [...]

Ask Nina

By: Nina Rajagopalan, Guest Contribotor Got questions about sex and relationships? Nina, Planned Parenthood sex educator, is here to help. Nina is not qualified to give medical advice, but apart from that, ask anything. No question is too taboo. Email her at nina.rajagopalan@pphs.org with questions. “I heard the pill makes you gain weight. Is that [...]

Ask an Owl

By: Cody Funderburk, Staff Writer This year, the Echo will feature a new addition to the newspaper called “Ask the Owl,” in which the Echo Staff will answer questions submitted by anyone in the Wilson community. Each time a new issue is released, the “Ask an Owl” section will feature a question submitted to the [...]

Freedom of Choice: Improving our Smoking Policy

By: Jamie DeMarco, Guest Contributor Every student on campus should have the right to smoke, and the right not to smoke. That is why last Tuesday Student Caucus passed a proposal that would close the smoking hut by the bridge and the smoking hut by Sunderland. Under the new system, if a student wanted to [...]

Familiar Faces at Wilson

By: Lily Reitz, Staff Writer As Warren Wilson rolls into the groove of the new school year, freshman are adjusting to college life and upperclassmen are reconnecting with friends. However, returning students may see some familiar faces that they were not expecting. Several recent Warren Wilson graduates are now employed here at the college. “I [...]

Theater Review: “Pericles”

By: Reeves Singleton, Staff Writer You say you’re not into Shakespeare? Too dry, impenetrable, boring? How do vast Mediterranean adventures, excursions into tribal dubstep dance, hippie kings, greaser princes, assassins straight out of a Bond film, banjos, darn fine acting, and more incest than might be tasteful sound? Assuming you nodded to at least one [...]

Pets of Wilson

By: Lily Reitz, Staff Writer From coyotes to salamanders, the Swannanoa Valley has an incredibly diverse ecosystem here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This flourishing animal population is one of the many things that sets Warren Wilson apart from the typical university. However, there is another animal population that distinguishes Warren Wilson from the rest: [...]

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