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Rally for Peace

By: Quinn Israel, Staff Writer On Saturday, August 9, Mike Brown was shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Brown was an 18 year old, unarmed black teen, and his name is still making headlines and 5:00 p.m. news reports a month later. Other names like Trayvon Martin, Karvas Gamble, and Ezell Ford lead to [...]

Warren Wilson Pool Closing

By: Alexandra Briggs, Staff Writer By now, many students have heard that the Warren Wilson pool is closing.  After Dececmber 20, there will be no more sports teams, kayaks, canoes, or casual swimmers in the pool. What DeVries Gymnasium will also be missing is the multitude of Asheville area residents that use the pool as [...]

Meet the Crew

Meet the new Echo Staff! Jackson Bicknell, Editor-In-Chief Jackson Bicknell is the Echo’s new Editor-in-Chief, bringing plenty of experience from  other Echo roles including writer, photographer and designer. Now a second-semester junior, Jackson dedicated this past spring semester to travel. He spent two months in Sweden, a month in Spain, where he was born, and [...]

Caucus Beat

By: Jackson Bicknell, Editor-In-Chief Caucus is the student subset of the College’s governance structure. It meets regularly on a weekly basis (Tuesdays at 6:15pm in Canon Lounge) to discuss agendas, propositions, concerns and proposed resolutions. While it clearly states in the Caucus Constitution that voting membership is contingent upon attending two out of three consecutive [...]

Restricted Health Care Acts

By: Lyn May, Staff Writer North Carolina has made it increasingly difficult for women to gain access to contraceptives, Plan B (emergency contraception taken after unprotected sex), and abortions with every piece of legislation brought to attention. As of July 14, 2014, according to Guttmacher Institute, the state of North Carolina passed a law with [...]

The Good, The Bad, and The Uniquely Wilson

A Short Reflection on Four Years

Ban The Bottle!

Investigating the Bookstore’s Resolution to Ban Plastic Shopping Bags and Bottled Water

Another Unique Individual Residing At WWC

A profile of Jessica Foster, Recycling and Solid Waste Supervisor

What Your Mama Never Told You…

By: Erika Roberts, Guest-Writer         My mama is an amazing woman, but she never told me about Diva Cups or other reusable products on the market that serve as practical alternatives to disposable tampons and pads.  Bleached cotton feminine hygiene products that wreak havoc on our bodies and on the environment were [...]

To the Warren Wilson College Administration

   One of the most lasting gifts of higher education is that exceptional teacher, that mentor who gives a little more of themselves and asks a little more of us than all of the others. For many of us in the Warren Wilson community, that mentor is Steve Norris. Steve’s work in the community spans [...]

Trinkets, Trash, and Treasures

An Echo Photographer Explores All the Nooks and Crannies of Wilson’s Free Store

Turning The Page

The Profiles of Graduating Echo Staff Members

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

After a Strong Season, the Wilson Road Cycling Team Impresses at Nationals and Looks towards the Future

Dancing The Night Away

A Brief History of Wilson’s Contra Dancing Tradition and Why It Remains an Important Part of the Community.

The Second Wave

Warren Wilson College Paddling Team Wins Second Consecutive National Championship

What Does Swannanoa Think of Warren Wilson?

An Echo Reporter Finds Out: It’s a Mixed Bag

Just Hanging Out

Wilson Alumni Jackson DePew Recovers from Traumatic Fall Earlier in the Year

Heightening the Cost of Housing

What’s Causing the Increasing Cost of Break Housing, and How is it Affecting The Student Body?

The Wilson Alumni Doctor Who Revolutionized Malawian Pop Music

A Profile of E. Jackson Allison, Jr., MD/MPH, FACEP, FFIEM, FACPM

What’s Up in the Village?

A Look Into Renovation Plans for the Villages Over Summer Break

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