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Trinkets, Trash, and Treasures

By: Kaitlyn Waters, Photographer


When I’m explaining what Warren Wilson is like to my friends and family, the thing that most of them seem to find interesting is the Free Store. After being at Wilson for a year I’ve come to a point where it just seems like secondhand nature for me to bring the things I don’t really use or need anymore down to the Free Store instead of throwing them out. Beyond the usefulness of the store, I find it an entertaining place to visit; while I’m there, I might find some cool stuff to take back with me. The Free Store is such an amazing concept, and I believe it should be an example for other colleges and universities that seek to create a more sustainable campus. My appreciation for the Free Store led me to want to photograph the wonderful people and things that inhabit the space.




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  1. Very cool concept indeed. Nice photos Kaitlyn

    Posted by Joseph Long | June 18, 2014, 3:06 am

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