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The Great Snafu of Issue Two

By Grace Hatton, Editor-in-Chief 


Some of you may have noticed that the last issue was a little less polished than previous issues. That is because issue two of the spring semester was perhaps the most complicated and arduous production of the Echo that I have ever experienced in the past three years of being on this crew. Everything that could go wrong went wrong.

Photographs and stories were met with stumbling block after stumbling block causing them to be completed past their deadlines. Then, the Indesign software we use to lay out the issues would not cooperate. Problem after problem ensued. The files were corrupt and wouldn’t transfer to the College Press. When, after days of fiddling and adjusting, we finally got the files to go through to the College Press at 8am on Friday morning, issue two wasn’t done with being a pain-in-the-you-know-what. On Friday afternoon, after being called into the College Press, I discovered page eight had been double printed. All 250 copies had been printed this way so I urgently texted my crew to come into the press. Four of my crew members rushed to the College Press to help fix the issue. And then, for what seemed like forever, Echo crew members, along with myself and the few College Press crew members that were working that afternoon, printed out the correct page for the issue and hand stapled every correct page over the incorrectly printed page. After stapling each copy, my crew spent the early evening distributing copies around campus.

Issue two caused the Echo nothing but problems for the week of its production, but in the midst of that chaos it also managed to achieve something. Something that I’m sure other crews have experienced as well: the simple truth that in the middle of a Snafu, you discover how well a crew can come together to manage a problem and create the best out of a bad situation.

I was extremely pleased with the way my crew rose to the challenge and worked with me to push through all the problems to produce a twenty page issue with some amazing content held within its pages.

That being said I certainly never want another issue two scenario to occur before I graduate in May. However, I’m happy to say that if, for some unexplainable reason, it does happen again I now have the firm belief that this Echo crew can make it through the storm and pull together a great issue.

In short I’m one proud Editor-in-Chief.


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