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Nurturing Student Talent

By Kasey Jackson, Photographer 

The Peal is one of many work crews at Warren Wilson. Specifically, the Peal is a literary magazine that also publishes student artwork. The Peal publishes an issue every semester, an issue where one can find writing and visual art done by their fellow students. The magazine serves as a platform to broadcast art in the community. Workshops and events are hosted by the crew throughout each semester, where students can get one-on-one suggestions and advice from the crew. .

Crew member Phaedra Davis-Foell explains exactly what the Peal does. “We promote creative writing and make it accessible to the community. We nurture their talent and try to bring it beyond class writing assignments, to develop the craft,” says Davis-Foell.  “It’s all about bringing out what someone has inside of them, to develop good writing.”


Davis-Foell also discussed the Peal workshops and how the crew strives to help improve student work. “We’re pretty much like the Writing Center in a more casual format,” says Davis-Foell. “We work with the students to edit already-written works, as well as give suggestions for works in progress. All of our workshops are run by someone who works in that specific genre.”


The goal of the Peal’s writing workshops is to refine students’ pieces into solid work that highlight the students’ talents and meet the Peal’s expectations. As far as submissions, they happen once a semester, and Davis-Foell spoke about the Peal’s expectation that the writing they publish speaks to the community. “We look for, obviously, good writing. We tend to pick pieces that we think speak to the student body,” said Davis-Foell.


Although submissions for the spring issue have ended, students can still work on their editing and writing skills at any of the upcoming workshops the Peal advertises. And there’s always the chance to submit next semester.


The Peal serves as a beacon for budding artists at Warren Wilson who are thirsty for their art to be published in a work of literature and visual art. The next issue of the Peal will be released towards the end of this semester, and a reading will accompany the release.


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  1. This is really cool! Nurturing talent will really make them improve. Also this will boost they self-confidence.

    Posted by Joseph Long | June 18, 2014, 2:49 am

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