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In Loving Memory

A mentor to many and a loyal bestower of wisdom and knowledge, the Business Department will be missed by all who knew it.  In a world of corrupt policy makers and looming environmental catastrophes, Business fought hard to protect others and the environment. Friends and family were notified of Business’s passing on Wednesday, February 26th via a brief comment buried in a Student-l.

Born in 1984 at Warren Wilson along with 17 other departments, Business was molded by its community and grew up to become a wise teacher of practical skills and, later, a strong advocate of sustainable practices.  Always faithful to the college’s mission, the department prided itself on providing an education grounded in hands-on learning.  

Business raised hundreds of children in over 30 countries, some of whom went on to become international consultants, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Secret Service agents.  Others went on to start small businesses, including Liberty Bicycles, Chesapeake Plastics, 903 Smilegear, and the Organic Mechanic.  One earned a position at the World Bank over Ivy League competitors because of his “real-world” experience.  Another raised $75,000 for the Blue Planet Run Foundation by rowing across the Atlantic.

Business is survived by Art, Creative Writing, English, Global Studies, History, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Mathematics, Religious Studies, Sociology/Anthropology, Theatre/English, and many more.

Due to current financial straints, it is unlikely that a funeral will be held for Business, but if there is one, there are rumors that Paula Garrett will perform her new rap song, “None O’ Yo Buisness.”  Flowers can be sent to Steven Solnick at Ogg Administration 200.  Donations can be sent to The Echo in Lower Gladfelter.

Special thanks to the administration, Tzar Steven Solnick, P-dog Garrett, and the Board of Old Deaf White Men.


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