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Welcome to the MutiMedia Era

By Grace Hatton, Editor-in-Chief 

The Echo has been a part of the Wilson community since the 1940’s, and, through a succession of different student crews and student supervisors, The Echo has evolved through the years to the product you see before you today. With every New Year we as a crew think of ways we can better serve this community through the newspaper we produce. Recently, a first-year student came to the Echo wanting to expand beyond just print and online content: she wanted to work with video. The Echo has dabbled with video journalism before, even posting videos on our YouTube channel (I bet you didn’t know we had one of those), but with the pressures of producing a paper product on a tight schedule, the videos have fallen to the wayside over the last couple of years.

However, we are pleased to announce that this semester, the first-year student who wanted to expand The Echo’s video repertoire, Amber Beidler, has joined the crew and is now our official full time videographer.


Beidler began working with videos in her first year in high school, in a TV/Video class that taught her the basics of creating and editing videos.  Her love for documentaries and the process of creation have kept her interested in the practice.


“Constructing videos is almost like an art,” says Biedler “You have to be creative, determined and confident in your work.”


Biedler continued to work in the field of video journalism throughout her high school career. She entered her videos into several local and national competitions, and a few made it to the state finals. One even made it to the national finals. Biedler participated in after-school projects which included filming sports events, plays, dances and more. In her senior year of high school, Biedler took the NOCTI (National Occupational Competency Testing Institute) exam, which gives her a certification to work in a Television Station.  Thanks to the certification, she has the basic knowledge of television production. Biedler’s ultimate dream is to travel and make a documentary of the culture in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Biedler hopes to bring her passion for film to the Echo crew and to the community at large. “I want to bring something new and innovative to Warren Wilson,” says Biedler “These videos will capture events on and off campus. My purpose is to allow students to have an alternative to reading about an event or issue on campus.”


Biedler’s videos will be available on our YouTube channel (youtube.com/wwcecho) and on the Reverb blog (echoreverb.tumblr.com). We are proud to welcome Biedler to the crew, and we hope that by offering these videos we are continuing the Echo’s long tradition of providing our beautiful community with engaging, accurate and authentic news stories.


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