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The New Sage

By Kaitlyn Waters, Photographer 


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If you’ve visited Sage since coming back from winter break, you’ll notice a few changes to their menu. In addition to the delicious paninis that they’ve always offered, now there are also waffles, tacos and a wide variety of Cliff bars to help fuel you up in the evenings. On their drink menu, you might notice their new chai and vanilla lattes. First-year and Sage Cafe crew member Elliott Siegrest-Jones commented on these changes. “Our waffles are selling like hot cakes and it’s really been helping us out,” says Siegrest-Jones. “We’re always looking for new ways to improve Sage. All small businesses go through growth processes, and this is the way we’re doing it right now.”

First-year Kody Funderburk (who I spoke to while he was enjoying a chocolate-chip maple syrup waffle) said that his meal was “hella good” but that he’d like to see additional items added to the menu, such as popcorn or pretzels.

This academic year is the first year that Sage has turned a profit, a fact which ,according to Siegrest-Jones, has a lot to do with this year’s management team, Zak Kane and Devin Hannan. Siegrest-Jones describes them both as being “committed to Sage by taking care of everyone’s hours and basically doing all the behind-the-scenes work.”

If you want to check out Sage’s regular and new menu items, their open hours are six o’ clock until midnight every day of the week. Bon apetit!


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