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The Buzz About Beehive Collective

by Kaitlyn Waters, staff writer & photographer

Beehive Collective a non-profit artist cooperative that makes educational artwork addressing major global issues. Beehive Collective came to Sage Café Nov. 4 to present their latest work titled “Mesoamerica Resist.” The piece that was presented had been constructed over the course of nine years and portrayed a plethora of issues happening in Central America, especially concerning the effects of globalization on indigenous cultures.

According to Beehive volunteer Molly Shea, the overall goal for showing these educational art pieces is to be able to “cross-pollinate” all of the grassroots organizations in order to evoke change. Shea also said that many of the issues that were represented on the tapestry were stories heard from Beehive volunteers while traveling through refugee camps and speaking to local people in Latin America.

To check out more of Beehive Collective’s work visit their website at beehivecollective.org


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