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Wilson Goes to War

by Kaitlyn Waters, staff writer

During the last weekend of September, three vans, one truck and one bus packed with students set off for War, West Virginia to participate on a service trip. This being my first service trip with Wilson, I was excited and a little nervous to see how it would go. Once we got to War, we settled into an old school house that also housed volunteers working within the community. We all got up at seven o’ clock in the morning on Saturday, all ready to get to work. We were divided into 3 groups and each one went off on different projects to work on during the day. My group spent most of the day digging a huge ditch behind a trailer that would continually flood whenever it rained because the trailer was located at the bottom of a hill. Once we had finished with that project we moved to the inside of the house and started painting the ceiling of the kitchen and of the bedroom. The best part of the day was being able to spend time with the family that actually lived there and talking to them about what it was like actually growing up and living in War. After a long day, it was really nice to go back to the school house and hear stories of what the other groups spent their day doing. On Sunday we all got a tour of a coalmine that is still in use. It was an incredibly eye-opening experience to learn first-hand the effects of coal on both the environment as well as the local community. One of the things that had made me nervous about going on the trip was not knowing anyone else that was there, but it turned out that that was the best part! It was a truly rewarding experience to participate on a service trip with other Wilson students and come together as a group and learn from the community that we got to work with.  


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