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Volunteering with ESL Parents and Students at Hall Fletcher Elementary

by Kaitlyn Waters, staff writer

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Hall Fletcher Elementary, there are free English classes offered to the parents of students who come from a plethora of different backgrounds, mostly Hispanic. The parents come with their children and while they are in class, their kids get the chance to run around with Warren Wilson volunteers.

While some of the volunteers work with the parents, I personally prefer spending most of my time interacting with the kids. Occasionally there will be a lesson on gardening or a talk on what farming is like presented by an AmeriCorps volunteer who works at Hall Fletcher, but most of the time that I spend with the children involves playing tag, hide-and-seek and basketball in the gym. Being with the kids is also a great way for me to be able to practice my Spanish, because sometimes a kid will come up to me asking to use the bathroom in Spanish and not in English, simply because it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

While speaking with Cale Yancey, a Wilson volunteer at Hall Fletcher, he said that he enjoys this service because “I get along with kids better than I get along with anybody else and I enjoy spending time with them.”


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