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by Kaitlyn Waters, staff writer

Marisa Rivera discussing prominent Latinos in the United States as she gives a presentation for Hispanic Heritage Month. Photo by Kaitlyn Waters

On October 9, Warren Wilson invited Marisa Rivera to come and give a presentation for Hispanic Heritage Month. Rivera is the president of Mpowerment Works, which focuses on helping to empower the majority: women. Marisa Rivera was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and has spent her life extensively working toward both Hispanic and women’s rights. “Leadership is not about accepting the status quo,” Rivera said.

Some facts from the 2010 US Census that Rivera presented in her talk:

- 1 in every 6 United States citizens are Hispanic

- Average age of Latinos in the U.S. is 27 / Average age of White people is 41

- The two largest Hispanic populations are Mexico, and the U.S.

- 78% of the U.S. Latino population speak Spanish at home

- 90% of U.S. Latinos under the age of 29 consume information in English

Wilson students listening to a presentation given by Marisa Rivera. Photo by Kaitlyn Waters


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