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Upperclassmen and Veteran Staff and Faculty Members Give Advice to New Students, Faculty and Staff on How to Maneuver and Succeed at Warren Wilson College

compiled by Camille Panetta, Dorothee Kellinghusen and William Kissane

“Experience things. Take advantage of everything this place has to offer and definitely try out new things you might not think you’re interested in. You might find something you really love. Above all, respect your peers and engage with them despite any differences you think you might have.” -Sophomore Khaetlyn Grindell

“Showing up on time is the easiest way to show respect to your teachers and classmates.” -Ethan Smalley
“Value your work crew and work hard at what you do AT ALL COSTS.” -Senior Kate Wheeler

“Know that every semester is an entirely different make. So experience WWC every six months in a new way and bounce back if needed. Further, talk to others and see how easy it is to connect with people.” -Senior Josh Reiss
“Do not be afraid to talk about what you don’t like. Peer pressure sucks, institutional pressure sucks even more. If there is something you don’t like or don’t agree with, that the Warren Wilson institution is doing, please speak up, and voice your concerns. You will spend 4 years, 16 semesters at this place, things will change, things will be rough, do something great that will stay here after you are gone.” -Junior Gabriel Setright
“Get involved, stay involved, be committed. But also live your life outside the college bubble. This is the perfect time to be part of the community of Asheville. Once you made friends outside of campus who have cars, it is easier to get around.” -Senior Eva Westheimer
“Read the Warren Wilson College mission statement. Get enough sleep to help your immune system and prepare your mind to learn the next day.” – Professor Kathryn Burleson
“Make sure you are comfortable with your schedules for work and classes. If you take control, you will be able to enjoy your life at WWC. Aim for it!” -Senior Sara Blandin
“Find out about special and meaningful places on the campus property. Get a relationship with the surrounding area by walking a bit off the trails. For example, see the autumn light at dusk in the pine forest close to the fortune house. Or find the marker for Mr. Davidson, who was the first white settler in this area and later killed by native Indians. A peaceful place can be found on the Clingman pasture, and then find the old dam which once provided power to the college. Another advice is to make a connection with Asheville. Start by taking the free guided walking tour on Sundays. Check the news for upcoming events, like the spectacular arrival of the chimney swifts. You do not want to miss it.” -Dean of Work Ian Robertson
“Check out riverbend pasture; one of my favorite spots in the area.” -Senior Eliot Gold


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