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New NC Law Allows Concealed Weapons at Bars, Restaurants, School Campuses

by Micah Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief

These signs were posted on the main entrances of Warren Wilson's campus as soon as the law went into effect. Photo by Wyatt Pace

As of Oct. 1, it is now possible for people in North Carolina to carry concealed weapons, if they have a permit, in bars, restaurants, playgrounds and recreational areas and school campuses.

The new law, House Bill 937, was signed into law this summer by Governor Pat McCrory, along with a whole host of other laws, including one that places more restrictions on abortions.

Businesses and schools have the option of opting out of this law, however, which is what Warren Wilson College has chosen to do, according to Director of Public Safety Terry Payne. Instead, the college will be sticking to its current policy that is in line with state and federal laws which prohibit weapons at educational institutions.

According to this new law, concealed weapons are only legal on school and college campuses if they are in a locked container, in a locked car.

However, even at institutions that have opted out of the law, employees of the college who live on campus and who have a concealed carry permit are allowed to store weapons on the premises, in their locked car. According to Payne, the only person that has to be notified of an employee’s concealed carry weapon is the Sheriff’s department.

The law also requires those who opt out to notify all residents that the law does not apply on the premises, and to publicize the prohibition of weapons with conspicuous signage. Shortly, Public Safety will place large signs at the entrances of the college, making it clear that Warren Wilson will continue to adhere to its policy as a weapon-free campus.



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