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New Crew, New Rules

by Grace Hatton, Reverb Editor

Leigh Manuel is the new supervisor for the ASAP crew, specializing in drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

It seems that with every new year comes a new crew formed to deal with issues surrounding alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse. This year, that crew is A.S.AP which stands for Allies in Substance Abuse Prevention. ASAP has billed itself as “the on-campus resource for information on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and substance abuse prevention.”

One of the major differences for ASAP versus previous crews focused on substance abuse prevention is that ASAP will be taking over the process of party monitor training and party contracts.

“Since the Event Contract process and Event Monitor Training exists in large part to help increase responsibility and reduce the risks associated with substance use at a social event, it’s a good fit for the ASAP crew,” said Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Coordinator Leigh Manuel, who also supervises the new crew.

Some changes have been made to the party event contract since the creation of the new crew, one major change being the number of hosts required to acquire an approved party contract.

Last year for a contract to be valid the event needed two hosts plus up to eight party monitors. On the newly released contract, parties must have one host for every 35 anticipated guests for up to 200 hundred guests. If the event estimates it will have more than 200 guests there must be at least six hosts plus a trained event monitor for every 30 anticipated guests.

This means that if an event is estimated to have 200 people, there should be, according to the new contract, six hosts plus seven event monitors. In addition, according to the new party contract the hosts are held accountable for any problems that occur during events, including property damage.

These regulations seem more severe than last year’s. However, the new ASAP crew is willing to work with the student body to not only create relevant programming but also to receive feedback on the party contract process.

“ASAP is open to suggestions on how to improve the contract process and trainings, so students should not hesitate to contact them in their office in Vining C or by emailing them at ASAP@warren-wilson.edu,” said Manuel.



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  1. This is really good news! I wish every campus have something like this.

    Posted by Peter Summers | June 14, 2014, 3:14 am
  2. nice set of information, i’m glad i stumbled upon this blog, it really help my research!

    Posted by Glenn Rice | June 20, 2014, 2:59 am

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