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Making it Artsy on Fridays

by Grace Hatton, Reverb Editor

An exciting monthly event is establishing its presence on campus. ARTSFridays, which is a collaboration between the art, music and theatre departments, will introduce more students to the arts on a regular basis. This community event will be taking place in the Kittredge Theatre, the music wing and the Holden Art building, an area Music Department Chair Kevin Kehrberg affectionately dubbed the “fine arts triangle.”

The idea for ARTSFriday came to Professor of Theatre Candace Taylor last spring when she was thinking of ways to draw more students to the theatre and the newly created second stage, which is a smaller stage set up in the back of the main stage. The second stage was used for the theatre student’s senior project last semester and is intended to be a community-centric space, where community members can bring proposals for performances on the smaller stage.

As Taylor thought more about the possibility of drawing more students to the Kittredge side of campus, she thought of collaborating with the other art departments to make an event.

“I thought if there was some kind of event happening maybe more people would come into the fine art buildings and I wanted the arts to show up more on campus,” said Taylor.

The first ARTSFriday event will be taking place Oct. 11, and will run from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., as will all the future ARTSFriday events. The hope is that within those two hours students will move around the different spaces and while viewing the different mini events and performances in the different areas they will experience an “open house or fine arts festival of sorts,” said Art Department coordinator Erin Castellan.

“We want to foster a come ‘n’ go atmosphere so people can stay as long as they like and still have a Friday evening,” says Kehrberg.

The October 11 event will include the opening of the exhibition Work in the Holden Gallery by Chicago-based artist Jefferson Pinder whose art focuses on the issues of race, identity and social mobility throughout the United States.

The Holden art crew will also be silk screening t-shirts that students bring along to the event and the music department will be providing a soundtrack.

“We hope to have the Wilson Gamelan assembly performing outside of the gallery space so there will be pleasant music for people to stop and enjoy,” said Kehrberg.

“It will be a happening with music, lights, dancing, spoken word, art and film,” said Taylor.

Plans are already in the works for future ARTSFriday events that will be taking place on November 1 and December 6, and hopefully throughout the spring semester as well.

ARTSFriday will create a monthly space where students can experience the arts Wilson has to offer in a more intimate and less timely fashion than going to see a full theatre production or musical performance. ARTSFriday will also allow the many students who know little of the ‘fine arts triangle’ to experience it on a regular basis.

“We want to bring people to the fine arts side of campus,” said Castellan. “There are lots of things going on but people don’t know about them.”

“Another thing ARTSFriday will accomplish is to help students be aware of what other students are doing in the fine arts since it gives the art students a chance to perform and/or exhibit,” said Kehrberg.

As ARTSFriday grows, students are encouraged to contact Kehrberg, Taylor or Castellan if they’d like to suggest ideas for ARTSFridays events or if they’d like to be involved in a performance or exhibit.

ARTSFriday hopes to be an exciting and enjoyable addition to the plethora of activities students can enjoy within the arts.



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