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Student Life

The Disappearing Singles Act

by Grace Hatton, Reverb editor

Many of the dorms on campus are currently heavily populated by singles. Singles being rooms with only one person living in the space. Some singles are medical singles whereas others are singles that have been paid for. However next year many of the dorms that are currently populated by multiple singles will be going back down to only one single per dorm meaning that those currently occupying a single must either chose to room with someone or to be put on a singles waitlist in the hopes of securing one of the few ‘true’ singles on campus. The true singles are certain rooms built in Dorland, Sage, the Village and Stephenson that are only big enough for one person.

The reason for so many singles on campus this semester was due to low enrollment and thus more space in the dorms.

“This was a unique situation as our numbers were low enough to have the space to offer students double rooms as singles,” says housing director Joyce Milling “In the fall we anticipate needing each double room to hold two students; this is the main reason for the adjustment.”

All true singles will be maintained as such and will be given to students based on medical need first and then if there is room, the true singles will be offered to those on the waitlist.



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