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DeVries Welcomes New Equipment

by Claire Toal, staff writer

Illustration by Jackson Bicknell

With spring showers and the start of term 4 comes the new improvements to the DeVries weight room. The weight room will celebrate eight new big additions, a result of a $35,000 gift to the college community.

As for the old equipment, Director of Athletics Stacy Enos explained, “we do have a potential buyer for some of our stuff which will go back into the college general account and offset some of our incurred expenses for the flooring and paint.”

According to Enos, the “fabulous” Physical Education instructor Donna Read knows the donor.

The paint and flooring (estimated at $400-$500) is coming from betterment funds. Enos does not have an accurate quote for the floors but estimates it around $8,000. The current carpet floors are not conducive for proper cleaning. Instead, rubberized flooring, which is easier to clean with bleach and proper disinfectant, will be installed into the weight room. This change is a result of the bacterial infection MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) cases found among some students during term 1.

The new equipment will include leg press, leg curl and lat pull down machines as well as rowing machines.

“It’s just better than what we currently own,” Enos said.

The DeVries weight room will be closed in preparation for the equipment’s arrival, scheduled for March 21, during Spring Break. However, weights, benches, bosi balls, kettle bells, and more will be available for use in the gym.

“We feel lucky and privileged to be receiving such a generous gift,” Enos said. “Finding creative ways to improve our facilities and continue to meet the needs of our students/community in a time of tight dollars is a great resource.”

The college community is invited to attend the grand re-opening of the gym on March 25, the first day of term 4, to celebrate the new additions to DeVries and to encourage the continuation of a comforting, supportive atmosphere where students can exercise.



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