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‘This is Not Furniture’: The First Senior Art Show

by Sam Rivkin, copyeditor

On March 29 at 6 p.m. the Holden Art Gallery will showcase the work of the first group of senior art majors. The show, tentatively titled “This is Not Furniture,” displays four artists’ representations of figures in various mediums.

Rachel Dimon’s piece is a painting installation of a fish market in Jerusalem. Mallory Nuckols’s four large oil paintings of brightly colored figures on dark backgrounds represent identity in transition. Geneva Thetford is doing large scale woodcut portraits of influential women in her life. And finally, Frank Thomas will show photo-realistic white chalk pastel drawings on hand-dyed black paper of people he knows.

The artists are currently working hard in their respective studios, dedicating much of their time and energy to these culminating representations of their artistic journeys at Wilson. For those who aren’t frequenters of Holden art openings, they’re always worth stopping by. There’s good music, tasty snacks made by the Holden Arts Crew, and a chance to chat with the artists about their work. After the first show, the other groups of artists will have their shows every other Friday. Details about the other shows will be featured in future issues of the Echo.


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