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Warren Wilson Hosts Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

by Claire Toal, staff writer


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A ceremonial bagpipe piece played by Colin Martin marked the commencement of this past weekend’s Ultimate Frisbee Turkey Snatch Classic tournament. An ambitious assortment of players on the Warren Wilson Ultimate Frisbee team hosted the two-day competition on the soccer fields Feb. 9-10. The tournament included teams from 10 different schools, bringing a total of 150 frisbee players onto campus.

Senior Chris DeFiore, the Warren Wilson team’s captain, was approached by captains of the University of North Carolina at Asheville Frisbee League in October about the possibility of co-hosting the tournament on Warren Wilson’s soccer field. DeFiore oversaw the planning of the tournament.

It was the general consensus among the opposing teams that Warren Wilson’s team proved to be the funnest team to compete against.

In preparation for the tournament, the team gathered twice a week for a two-hour practice consisting of drills, warm ups, stretches, exercises, strategy review, and scrimmages.

Junior Charles Williamson, who plays on the Wilson team, describes Ultimate Frisbee as a “very weird culture, very fun, and very high energy.”

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport with no referees. Players determine and call fouls on an individual basis. Some teams approach the game with a predominantly competitive mindset by aiming to score as many points as possible and recognize each foul. The Warren Wilson team values a strong group cohesion in combination with harmonious teamwork.

Williamson felt that the tournament was symbolic of the harmonious nature of the team and its dedication to increasing their proficiency in the sport. The team’s spirit is competitive, but also fun-loving.

Dissimilar to other tournaments the team has attended, the sidelines were filled with supportive teachers and students. The team hopes that the tournament was illustrative of the frisbee team’s prevalence in the Warren Wilson community. While the team receives some support from the Athletics department, team members usually purchase their own equipment.

The team is currently looking for grants from student caucus for more funds to increase their opportunity of participating in tournaments like the one that was just hosted.

While the team may not have dominated the competition, a sense of pride is still evident within the members of the team.

“I have been really impressed with the dedication of our new and returning players this year,” DeFiore said. “We have a strong community with the team and we are always excited to have new players come out and learn the sport and hang out with us.”


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  1. A very nice decision of hosting an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament by Warren Wilson. This line “Ultimate Frisbee is a sport with no referees” has caught my attention. Imagine a FIFA World Cup with the rules of Ultimate Frisbee. What will then happen?

    Posted by Maizupath | April 22, 2014, 7:40 am

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