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Students Propose Pet Dorm on Campus

by Micah Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief

Other than some community events, like Plow Day, students do not have much interaction with dogs or cats. According to Alaina Doll, one of the students who drafted the proposal, other colleges have a designated pet dorm on campus. She, Boyle and Euchner would like to see the same principle practiced at Warren Wilson.

Students Alaina Doll, Emily Euchner and Sheridan Boyle brought a proposal to Student Caucus last week to put forward the idea of creating a pet-friendly dorm for students who wish to bring their cats or dogs with them to school.

“We strongly believe people function better when they have a pet with them, especially in this transition, moving away from home,” said Doll, a sophomore.

A pet policy already exists at Warren Wilson, but according to Director of Residence Life Joyce Milling, cats and dogs were left out of this policy. Though some students do have dogs and cats as therapy pets, no policy exists for these cases. Milling, however, is working on drafting such a policy.

According to sophomore Boyle, who also helped draft the proposal, having a pet dorm would likely draw more students to Warren Wilson.

“Ideally, it would be people who already have a cat or dog, rather than people who want in the future to adopt a cat or dog,” she said. “We don’t want students who don’t know how to take care of animals properly.”

Doll, Boyle and Euchner, when drafting the proposal, imagined a sort of application process to be admitted into the dorm.

“People who are independent and already know how to take care of their pet will be a part of the dorm,” Doll said. “I don’t want it to become something where people have a pet for fun.”

After they receive more community input, they will revise their proposal and bring it back to Student Caucus for a vote.


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