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Owls On the Prowl for Mice

by Grace Hatton, Reverb Editor

Along with a chill in the air, the month-long winter break brings many different things to Warren Wilson campus: MFA students, break workers, but also occasionally some four-legged friends such as mice. These small rodents like all of us seek a respite from the harsh winter air and what better place for a new, warm home then a college dormitory. Eco dorm has been dealing with multiple cases of mice wanting to call the dorm their winter home.

The first sighting was reported to Beau Ohlgren, the Eco Dorm RD, back in November when a resident saw a mouse in a food cupboard. Ohlgren immediately submitted a work order and a local pest control company, Steritech, came in to deal with the problem. The company visits campus every Friday to conduct checkups but are notified when there is a larger problem such as the mice.

“After Steritech came there was no more evidence of mice,” Ohlgren said. “However over winter break, a few of us noticed more mice.”

Rodents were again spotted in downstairs bedrooms when the semester began. Ohlgren submitted another work order and Steritech returned to help clean out the mice. A clean up session also took place last Sunday in order to clean out the kitchens and some rooms.

“Most likely the mice are being attracted to food that people have left out in their rooms,” Ohlgren said.

Other dorms as well as Eco have also had issues with mice during the winter months. According to Area Coordinator Megan Letchworth, Preston House had mice in early November, but they have not had issues since then.

“The mice usually get into the dorms during the early winter when the first cold snap happens,” Letchworth said.

But there is another reason that might allow mice to sneak into the dorms during the winter months.

“Yes, often it’s the cold,” Joyce Milling, Director of Residence Life, said, “but it’s also food being left out and doors being propped open. That’s how our little friends get into the dorms.”


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  1. I liked this article alot thanks for sharing.

    Posted by Lauryn Decree | August 1, 2014, 7:57 pm

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