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Echo Collects Awards from NC Media Association

Caucus Distributes Grants

Dig Up Roots This Winter

Fight Off Illness In This Persistent Winter Season

by Hannah Schiller, guest writer, the Herb Word

Students Experiment with Themed Suites on Campus

Some students go to great lengths to make their suites feel like a home

Warren Wilson Hosts Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

RISE Director to Leave Campus Next Month

Ew Quimbaya-Winship will soon leave Warren Wilson for a position at another college, but the effort to prevent sexual violence on campus will continue on

The Beauty of Ambiguity

Eric Baden’s Latest Exhibition at Holden Art Gallery “InBetween” Blurs the Lines between Reality, Memory and Imagination in a Moving Display of Ambiguity

The Winning Streak a Decade in the Making

New Recruits, Veteran players lead women’s basketball team to first winning season in years

Drawing Your Cow and Eating it Too

Closet Artist: Virginia Hamilton

Resurrected from Retirement

Buddy Wakefield Visits Asheville

How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Donating

A bone marrow registration drive will be held on campus March 6

Winter Remedies For All

Wilson Alum Shares Knowledge to Stay Happy and Healthy this Season

Meet Alice Buhl, Chair of the Board of Trustees

The board held its first meeting of the year Feb. 7-9, and the Echo was able to speak with the Chair, Alice Buhl, about the role of the board, and what was discussed in the meetings

‘Academia and Activism’ series to precede April 27 inauguration of president Solnick

A Feb. 25 presentation by Catharine Stimpson will launch an “Academia and Activism” speaker series at Warren Wilson College, leading up to the April 27 inauguration of President Steven L. Solnick. Stimpson, University Professor and Dean Emerita of the Graduate School of Arts and Science at New York University, will give a talk titled, “For [...]

On-Campus Crew Tincture Production Deferred Until Production Regulations are Followed

The Show Must Go On

Candace Taylor Takes Over as Director of the Tempest as Graham Paul is Hospitalized

College Makes the Collective Decision to Not Hold Classes on a Federal Holiday

For the first time in Warren Wilson history, classes are not held on MLK day

Dance Community Continues to Expand

Senior Devon Kelley-Mott hopes to reach out to more belly dancers in the Warren Wilson Community

The Closet Artist

A new Echo series that explores different students on campus who creatively express themselves outside of the classroom

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