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Local Foods Crew Inform Students About Ongoing Sustainability Initiatives

by Micah Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief

The Local Foods Crew, headed by Sustainability Manager Jenna Marshman, visited Student Caucus Dec. 4 to discuss what they have done so far this semester, and what their future plans are for getting local and sustainable foods into the cafeteria.

Marshman and the crew are currently working with the Sustainable Foods Policy, which was developed several years ago, in connection to the sustainability policy of Sodexo, our food provider.

“At this point we’re at the learning stage,” Marshman told Student Caucus members. However, Gladfelter has already seen some significant changes, thanks to Marshman and her crew.

The crew has coordinated with Forestry Crew, for example, to arrange for all the mushrooms that they produce to go to the cafeteria, rather than selling them to restaurants in the area.

“Students should get first dibs on the produce we grow on campus,” said Conor Leary, one of the two students on Local Foods Crew.

Last year, %18 of the school’s food purchases were local, which has been slowly improving over the years. Marshman and her crew welcome any feedback that students have to offer.


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