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Hamlet Hair

by Izzy Cohan, staff writer

Writing is woven into all forms of academia. For each section of studies the writing may vary. In some classes you may have to refrain from using first person and in other classes you may focus on it. However, there isn’t an abundance of outlets for those creative souls that lurk in the dark gloomy corners of Gladfelter, paying more attention to their sketchbook than their food.

Senior Collin Garrity saw a hole in the venues offered for creative work. Sage Café poetry slams and open mics have the performers satisfied, the missed connections board has the romantics content and then the Peal has the structured types happy. Garrity saw no opening for “pieces that don’t necessarily have a forum already—really crazy poetry and idea pieces rather than only publishing formulaic writing because it has a precedent.”

There may be some overlap, Garrity said, but this publication will be a place for everything, not just formal or traditional work.

“Recipes and sketches and one sentence poems are respected as much as iambic paragraphs and angular photography,” he said.

Garrity’s brainchild found it’s name, Hamlet Hair, through friendship.

“It was a phrase that my best friend and I thought was funny,” he said. “We started to use it when we said or did the wrong thing at the wrong time.”

The title is fitting, seeing as how Hamlet Hair is a place for the “wrong thing,” the poems that look like sculptures, abstractions beyond legibility and anything else a wacky Wilson mind can think of.

Submissions will be accepted up until winter break and perhaps into next semester. The organization of the publication seems to be affected by the nature of the submissions. Garrity hopes to have enough material by winter break, so pieces will be selected by January.

Hamlet Hair is a place for the abstract writer and thinker.

“It’s good to have contrast,” he said. “It’s good to have more absurd pieces fit alongside more linear pieces to show you don’t have to have an ‘all or nothing mentality’ about the style.”

Garrity plans to see where the submissions take him.

“I am going to try really hard to not force my own direction onto it, but see how the material dictates the form, theme, and structure.”


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