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Transported Through Theatrics

by Izzy Cohan, staff writer

Theater at Wilson has been a delight in the past, and after this weekend you might think the good times keep rolling. With Candace Taylor directing the Heiress written by Ruth and Augustus Goetz, the play captures anyone willing to sit down for its two hour run time. Don Baker creates yet another gorgeous set that captures the inside of a Washington Square town house down to the trim on the wall. Attention to detail is evident; Beverly Ohler designed costumes that sing the late 1800s. Only in one spot was it apparent that a piece of the set or a costume was not of the correct era and it was the soles of actor David Mycoff’s shoes.

Having an older actor Mycoff, as the father, the one figure that needs to look authentically older creates a validity sometimes hard to create with costume and makeup. Mycoff’s stage presence shifts with the flow of the plot precisely; he controls the audience and fills the patriarchal role with ease. Senior Sam Stewart, who plays Mycoff’s daughter Catherine Sloper, is able to shift from an articulate strong woman into a frail soul without fail. This skill highlights the misogyny of Mycoff’s character, Dr. Austin Sloper and sets an important tone for the next half.

The relationship between the father daughter pair is combined with several other characters that contribute twists, turns and trouble to the plot. Senior Mike Willey’s character, Morris Townsend could be argued to be the troublemaker of them all. Bennie Matesich’s role as Lavinia supports Ms. Sloper in a motherly way, filling in for Cupid while he is away on sabbatical. To taste the twists, turns and troubles for yourself you have four opportunities to do so; Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m.

The full cast includes: Elizabeth Bonnell, Delilah Scott, David Mycoff, Bennie Matesich, Sam Stewart, Kailey Larson, Lewis Pullman, Sophie Yates, Mike Willey, Karen Budig, Vivian Williamson and Iliana Hernandez.


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