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The Wellness Cricket

The Truth Is In The Process

by Kate Lunquist, guest writer, the Wellness Cricket

As the weeks wind down and the transition to the end of semester takes hold (paper time, upping our grades, trying to keep our head in the game), it is easy to forget why we are here. I was writing a play this week that is a spin off of Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. It was ironic because I was trying to remember why I am in the writing program here. What am I doing spending my time writing plays, poems, and short stories? It is especially interesting while I am in creative non-fiction and writing about my own life. It brings a new twist to reflecting on why we are doing this work. It is nice to stop and think about it, but it can also feel overwhelming and distracting.

I decided to visit one of my favorite professors on campus, John Crutchfield. Of course, he is someone to help with inspiration for my Beckett-esque play, but he is also someone who has an interesting perspective and compassionate heart. After chatting for an hour or so, about my play and about finding my own creativity, I realized how important it is to have these people in your life. Roadblocks constantly pop up along the way. Disappointment, frustrations, and questioning of personal capabilities. What do we do with these difficulties and questioning of what we are doing here?

My friend had a quote on her facebook that struck me this past week. I used it as my mantra for the week, and I also offered it to the yoga class I teach at Asheville Yoga Center. She posted:

Experience is not getting the thing you want.

Tip of the Week: Use the roadblocks as moments of change and strength. Certain people are in your life to help guide and inspire- they are all over this campus. Take the time to connect with your mentors. It’s worth it.

What does this really do to a person? Whether it is a grade on a paper, acceptance into a program, or writing an amazing play. There is something in not doing it perfectly. There is something to say for having a roadblock, or questioning your decisions, or being denied what you want. If I hadn’t been in that situation, I would not have sought out advice and connected with a professor I admire. I would not have found inspiration for teaching my yoga class. I would not have found the strength to endure difficulties that arrive on my doorstep.



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