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Sophomore Elias Hinderberger introduces Swing Dance Lessons on Campus

by Izzy Cohan, staff writer

Wilson dances, like most colleges, generally revolve around bumping and grinding. Leaving no room for god—complete contact. While that has a place, there are some students that have dreams of a world where dancing can be taken beyond the rudimentary moves explicitly shown at parties like Sparkles and Spandex.

Sophomore Elias Hinderberger is one of these individuals leading the dancing trend.

“I like dancing because you don’t have to think,” Hinderberger said. “Because once you dance enough and know how to find a beat your body moves without you having to tell it to.”

His passion is evident when he slides his feet across the dance floor like a hybrid between Michael Jackson, Billy Eliot and a backup dancer from Brittany Spears’s Toxic music video.

Hinderberger finds his dancing transforming from acrobatic hip-hop to more recently Swing. According to Hinderberger, swing is different from other partner dances.

“[Swing is] really free and loose form, so basically once you learn the swing dance basic you forget the swing dance basic,” he said. “There is a lot of flexibility for musical interpretation and improvisation, which makes the communication required in any partner dance unique.”

Hinderberger has decided to take this love to the students of Warren Wilson. Starting this Nov 9th in Bryson at 7pm will be the first ever Swing lesson taught by Hinderberger and Anglia Biall (the president of Asheville Swing). The hour-long lesson will conclude with a free dance session until 10 p.m.

The class will be structured as drop-in lessons.

“[The lessons are] formatted so people can come once or people can come every single time and [everyone] can learn a lot and not be left behind. I start the class teaching the swing dance basic, then I teach as many moves as I can until the end of the lesson.”

On a Friday evening many Wilson students prepare their costumes for the weekend, but Hinderberger isn’t concerned with these activities taking away potential students.

“Swing dancing is too much fun,” he said. “I know if I get them in there once they will come back for the rest of the year.”

The classes are also open to the public which means swing could be similar to contra dances, an opportunity for community members to visit campus and frolic on the dance floor. For some the Thursday night Contra sessions are uninteresting. Between heavy pressures to perform well by the Contra pros, the high-paced conformity and homework for Friday, many Wilson students shy away. Perhaps Hinderberger can change that with the “fulfilling, fun and flirtatious” Friday night swing dancing.


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