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May the Best Dorm Win

by Grace Hatton, Reverb Editor

The Environmental Leadership Center along with First-Year programs has created a new friendly competition between the first-year dorms, Sunderland and Vining (A&B combined), to see which dorm is the most environmentally friendly. The purpose of the competition is to get students motivated to become more sustainable.

“We are trying to get students excited and involved in sustainability on campus,” said Amelia Snyder, the student leader of the Campus Greening Crew in the Environmental Leadership Center. “We want to help them realize that behavioral changes play a huge role in conserving energy and resources. This dorm challenge aims to show students simple ways that they can reduce their personal carbon footprint.”

The idea came about before the school year when the Vining RD, along with Stan Cross of the Environmental Leadership Center and first year programming sat down to discuss climate action programming in first-year dorms.

Students were able to sign up for the challenge in Gladfleter during lunch a few weeks ago and students in both Sunderland and Vining were provided with a list of ways to green their dorm rooms. Each room will be awarded points for implementing things that are on the list in their rooms.

“For example,” said Snyder, “a room would get points for using powerstrips, sorting out their recycling, or not having a minifridge.”

The ELC completed one audit of rooms on Nov. 18 and will be completing a second audit a week or so after students return from Thanksgiving break. This allows students time to improve their rooms and complete more items on the list.

“The dorm with the highest average room score (of only the dorm rooms participating) will be the winner,” said Snyder. “The two individual rooms with the highest number of points will be our individual winners.”

The prize for the greenest dorm is the title and a handcrafted trophy from Blacksmithing Crew. The two individual room winners will win prizes from a variety of crews including Herb Crew, Fiber Arts and Fine Wood-Working crew.

The Environmental Leadership Crew hopes this inaugural green dorm challenge will inspire students, especially first year students, to be more conscious of their environmental choices and how they affect our community.


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