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Lofts Get the Boot

by Jake Fraser, staff writer

Students will need to take down their self-made lofts after this semester. Photo by Josh Reiss

Amongst the unbridled chaos and treacherous challenges the far west part of campus faces, Ballfield and Eco-dorm residents were recently informed their lofts are required to be permanently dismantled by the end of the term—a rude awakening to these residents.

After the fire marshal’s visit to carry out a routine fire inspection, Eco-dorm’s lofts were found to be obstructing the sprinklers, violating Fire Safety Code; unfortunately, the Ballfields lofts were found to be similarly unsafe. Furthermore, lofts are in violation of Buncombe county building codes.

A building permit is required for, “The addition, repair, or replacement of load bearing structures,” according to the building codes.

The Ballfields and Eco-dorm have long been remembered to house an assortment of student-built lofts.

“If we don’t resolve our fire code issues then the college will receive massive fines as well as have a living environment that isn’t safe,” said Megan Letchworth, the Area Coordinator.

As a result FMTS will be assisting students that need help removing their lofts.

“I spent [more than] 30 hours working on my loft, not to mention expenses, this really sucks,” said junior Edward Laurence Perry Rubin.

Lofts have been one of the major perks to living in the Ballfields, but now these fun structures must come down.



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  1. I’m wholeheartedly convinced that fire codes take the fun out of everything. No lofts in the Ballfields? Give me a freaking break.

    Posted by Chandler Jones | December 5, 2012, 4:26 pm

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