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Stan Cross Visits Student Caucus

by Micah Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief

Environmental Leadership Center Education Director Stan Cross visited Student Caucus Oct. 30 to update students on sustainability efforts that are happening on campus. One of the main initiatives going on this year, according to Cross, is the effort to incorporate sustainability into our General Education requirements.

“We’ll be thinking about what a sustainability course needs to entail,” Cross said. “That way, if you came here to learn about sustainability, there will finally be a way to move through campus and learn that.”

Cross also touched on the importance of emphasizing local foods on our campus.

“Sustainability in food is the best way for us to live our values,” he said.

Though it is still being worked out with Sodexo, the Sustainable Foods Policy, which was completed this year, will be implemented sometime in the future, but it is not clear when.

Cross reminded students that “our level of consumption is the problem,” and Warren Wilson students are in a good position to address this as, according to Cross, “we’re working really hard [at sustainability] from a place of authenticity.”


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