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Q& A with The Heiress’s leading lady, Samantha Stewart

by Kailey Larson, guest writer

KL: Tell us first, what your relationship is with Warren Wilson Theatre.

SS: First off, I am a theatre/English major. This is my ninth production at Warren Wilson, the first was our bi-annual musical, “ A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Forum”, my freshman year.

KL: How is this play (The Heiress) different from others you’ve been a part of here at WWC? How is it similar?

SS: It’s similar to others in a lot of ways with the use of petticoats, rehearsal skirts and late nights at the theatre. But this particular show reminds me of The Cherry Orchard with the language, the focus on relationships between characters, and high drama. However, it’s different with so many new faces on the Warren Wilson Theatre stage.

KL: Tell us about your character, Catherine Sloper. What are your individual interpretations, and what inspires you to create those interpretations?

SS: Catherine is very reserved and timid. She has trouble keeping her composure in public or maintaining any grace while talking to people she admires. She’s very sweet and incredibly fragile. She makes me think of the person I could have become if I didn’t fall in love with theatre when I was younger. What makes her so fascinating is the woman she grows into—which the audience watches on stage. A lot of my inspiration comes simply from her language. You can see the transformation in the lines.

KL: What is it like working with our very own Dr. David Mycoff [English and theatre professor]?

SS: Well, this is the third production I’ve worked with David. He is my advisor and I have taken seven classes with him. I am also going on his London study abroad trip this winter. In addition, I coordinate volunteers at the Shakespeare company he normally performs with. At this point I can’t imagine working without David Mycoff. In my first show I was intimidated because he was so professional—I looked up to him as a role model. Now, I hope I can be the same for new actors.

KL: It’s your senior year, Sam. Tell us about your experience as a senior in relation to Warren Wilson Theatre. Could you give us a sneak peek as to what your senior project is going be like?

SS: I am one of the people who takes the triad and uses it to work intensely in one field. I’m a theatre major, creative writing minor, I work in the theatre office, and I volunteer with local theaters for my service. For my senior project, I’ll be taking my creative non-fiction pieces from my senior portfolio and performing them as a one-woman show.

Come see Sam Stewart and many other wonderful Warren Wilson actors in The Heiress. Also, keep a lookout for our next productions, including Sam’s senior project!


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