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President Visits Student Caucus for Discussion with Students

by Micah Wilkins, Editor

President Steve Solnick visited Student Caucus this week to have a discussion and answer students’ questions. The president spoke to his previous occupation with the Ford Foundation, his move to his current role at Warren Wilson, the college’s enrollment, the class he plans to teach next semester, the school’s funding and more.

According to Solnick, the college fell short of our target enrollment for this year, as the school began this year with 850.

“We need to get back to what our target is,” Solnick said, which is around 915 students.

In regards to the school’s funding, Warren Wilson is “financially stable and healthy,” Solnick said in the meeting Oct. 9, but “we just don’t have the resources to grow and invest.”

Our financial situation, however, is better than other small private schools in the country.

“I’ve talked to presidents at other colleges and they’re in big trouble, but it’s not the case here,” he said.

The president lives off campus, in Asheville, with his wife, two daughters and son while the president’s home on campus is renovated to accommodate more people and to host larger fundraising gatherings. However, those renovations have been put to a halt for now, to ensure that they are on the right course with the house.

“We will be living in [the house] but it’s meant to be a resource for the campus for the next 50 years,” Solnick said.

The president taught Political Science for almost ten years at Columbia University, and he wants to return to the classroom. In the spring, Solnick plans on teaching a course on Democracy, tracing its foundation in ancient Greece and Rome, and into modern times. Solnick hopes the course will help him “get back to thinking as a political scientist.”


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