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Bold as Lint

by Claire Toal, staff writer

Photo by Josh Reiss

The end of the first term of the semester has materialized itself here at Warren Wilson, bringing along a series of widespread malfunctions in the laundry rooms across campus. Defective dryers and out of whack washers have dominated class and lunchroom conversations, creating concerns among students about the well being of their wardrobes, and mass hysteria regarding personal hygiene. Stephenson and Village A seem to be the dorms primarily affected by the faulty machinery.

Mike Buttrick and Abigail Gower, residents of the Village, report that one dryer in the laundry room of Village A completes a full drying cycle, but does not circulate air. Consequently, clothes remain wet after the machine’s timer is up.

In addition, lint from the dryers is traveling through the air vent and forming piles in front of many villagers’ doors. What’s up with that?

The cause of conflict with the washers and dryers remains unidentified.

“There isn’t much to say, I guess. I’m not really sure why it’s still broken or even what’s wrong with it. I just go over to Schafer A to do laundry,” said Ashlyn Kate Neas.

According to Interim Assistant Director of Student Life Margot Jebb, Warren Wilson has a contract with Mac-Gray, an off-campus laundry service supplier. Mac-Gray maintains the washers and dryers on campus based on a work order system that is sent to the supplier directly, with a three day period in which the issues are addressed.

“We have a good relationship with Mac-Gray, and they are very responsive to our needs and work orders,” said Jebb.

Students are encouraged to discuss any laundry concerns with their RD, so that the information can be communicated to the supplier through the work order system.


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