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A Promising Start

by Grace Hatton, Reverb Editor

The Timber Sports team, which began earlier this year, competed the weekend of Oct. 6 at the 17th Annual Woodmen's Meet. Photo courtesy Shawn Swartz

The Warren Wilson Timber Sports team recently completed in their first intercollegiate event, the 17th Annual Intercollegiate John G. Palmer Woodsmen’s Meet, Forest Festival Day at the Cradle of Forestry in America in Pisgah Forest, N.C.

The Wilson team competed in a vast number of events ranging from Axe Throw to Team Log Roll. At the Oct. 6 event the Wilson team competed against timber sports teams from Haywood Community College, Montgomery Community College, North Carolina State University, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Pennsylvania State Mont Alto and Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.

The Wilson Timber Sports team experienced highs and lows in the competition, but overall the team finished in last place out of the teams. Yet the Wilson Timber Sports coach Shawn Swartz says that, for the team, it was still a great event, and their placement in the event was something they had prepared for.

“This was to be expected because our team had never even watched a timbersports competition much less participated in one,” Swartz said. “However, for our first time out we had an incredibly impressive showing.”

Indeed, despite coming in last overall the Wilson team managed to place well in many individual events including coming first in the women’s and men’s chainsaw event. The Wilson Timber Sports team woman sawyer, Xenia Pantos, had the fastest sawing time out of the entire meet. Wilson also placed third in pulpwood toss, axe throw, bolt split, and pole fell. Additionally the team placed fourth in Jack and Jill Crosscut.

“The John G. Palmer Woodsmens Meet was a successful outing given that it was the first the team had been to, and given that the team had only practiced for a month,” Swartz said. “Basically this event was just for the Wilson team to see what these events are and how a meet is structured, so that the team knows more about how to practice for the events. Now the team is enthusiastic, knows how to prepare, and is aware of what events need more work.”

As far as future events for the Wilson Timber Sports team because the Wilson team is not part of conclave (similar to the conferences that NCAA schools have) they can only compete in invitationals. Swartz is hopeful that Warren Wilson will be invited to compete in future events after their strong showing at the Woodsmen meet.

“We expect to be invited back to the Cradle next year,” said Swartz. “We may be invited to Rolleo at NC State next month, and we also hope to be allowed to participate in the Mid-Atlantic conclave in the spring.”

Whichever events the Wilson Timber Sports team participates in next, it is clear they are off to a promising start as a new sports team on campus.


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